Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The entire United States is highly dependent on the trucking industry for day to day necessities and luxuries. Whether you are a long haul or short haul trucking company, you play a crucial role in this country. It is important that while operating in this capacity, you protect your business, and drivers, from injury to insure success for all. One of the best ways to do this is with workers’ compensation insurance.

Barbee Jackson Insurance is a leading provider of Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. We work with several insurance carriers to provide our truckers with outstanding coverage options, fast and easy claims handling, all at a competitive price. Our experienced agents are there for you to handle the needs of the dealership. Call us today and experience the difference. (850) 389-2001

What Is Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance is protection for employee’s, and owner’s if they choose, to provide coverage for injury while working. This is especially crucial in the trucking industry. Why? Simply it is a higher risk injury due to the driving exposure. A driver’s whole job is spent on the road and accidents can not only be dangerous, but deadly. Not all commercial auto, or trucking insurance policies, provide coverage for drivers hurt in an accident. As the owner of a trucking company, that can leave you being held liable.

Another point about Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance is that it not only provides the medical coverage for drivers injured in an auto accident, while loading/unloading a truck, or while getting gas, it provides coverage first. This makes sure that there is no question of coverage, or which policy should pay, it is always the workers’ compensation first.

Do owners’ have to be included in the policy?

No, it is the choice of the owner, officers, or managing members of the business to include or exclude themselves from the coverage. This choice is very specific to the nature of each business. If you are the owner and a driver, you may consider including yourself. If you are owner and manage the office and are not out in the field, it may be a better option to save on the cost and exclude yourself from the policy. These are just a few things to consider when making the decision that it is ultimately up to you.

What coverage is provided under a Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy?

There are three main coverages to a workers’ compensation policy. Policy limit Per Occurrence by Injury, Per Occurrence by Disease, and Aggregate Limit by Disease. The coverage works almost exactly as it sounds. There is a limit for any one occurrence that is caused by and injury or by disease. The aggregate is the maximum payout for claims on the policy term for disease related claims.

The required limit and who is required to carry the coverage varies by state. For more information on how the coverage works for your specific state, we recommend clicking the link below to see more specific details.

Why Choose Barbee Jackson Insurance for Your Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Not only can we provide the coverage you need at an affordable price, but we also work with experts in risk management that can help you identify potential hazards and find ways to reduce or eliminate those risks to your business. Barbee Jackson Insurance works as your partner helping you navigate the complex world of insurance and risk management. Don’t settle for an agent that doesn’t know your business…work with the industry’s best insurance experts. Call us today for your 100% FREE insurance (850) 389-2001

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