Florida Roofing Contractors

As a Roofing Contractor in Florida, this state keeps you busy replacing roofs the intense Florida sun wears out. No other time are you as busy as after a hurricane comes through. The only thing more harmful than the sun to a roof in Florida is a hurricane, especially a large one such as Hurricane Irma.

During these busy times, you need an insurance agency that provides comprehensive coverage, fast certificates of insurance, and superior service. These things will be crucial for success after a storm when you need to get back to work. Don’t lose out of job opportunities because the agent is unable to get an accurate certificate of insurance out quickly.

Coverage Options for Florida Roofing Contractors:

  • General Liability
  • Commercial Umbrella
  • Commercial Automobile
  • Commercial Inland Marine (tools and equipment)
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Contractor’s Bond

Want more from your current Insurance Agent?

That is this most common complaint we receive from contractors switching to us is that they “expect more from the current insurance agent”. Don’t we all! Our guarantee is fast quality service. Each contractor is assigned an Agent and an Executive Support Assistant. The Agent works with you to find the coverage you need and the Executive Support Assistant provide help with COI’s and payments. In addition, we give all our Contractors our cell phones number in case you have to get ahold of us after hours and weekends. We are truly here to make your insurance experience enjoyable.

How long does it take to get a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

No longer than 10 minutes. The process is very easy and should be very fast. We work with the leading insurance management system to ensure our COI’s are fast and accurate.

What is the Aggregate Limit on the policy?

The Aggregate Limit of a Florida Roofing Contractor policy is the maximum payout of claims for as designated by the policy. The aggregate could apply to the policy term (typically one year), per project, or per location. It is important to discuss with your agent the best option to protect your business.

Do you offer payment plans?

We have excellent payment options for our Florida Roofing Contractors. Since we work with the top A Rated Carriers, we are able to offer options that divide the premium into 12 equal payments with only one month down. Additionally, there are no finance charges, just a small installment fee that can be waived by selecting an automatic draft option.

Barbee Jackson Insurance – Your Florida Contractors Insurance Experts

Barbee Jackson Insurance is a leading provider of Florida Roofing Contractors Insurance and we work with the largest Commercial Insurance carriers to provide our clients the best coverage options for the best price. Our professional staff is always here to help…even if you insure with our competitors. Call today if you need any help understanding coverage options or if you are looking for a competitive quote 850-389-2001.

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