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Barbee Jackson Insurance is the market leader in marine/boat dealers’ insurance for sales, service, and repair. We have exclusive programs designed to meet your needs as well as money saving coverage options. Our program is specifically design for Florida, Alabama, and Georgia Boat Dealerships – Sales, Service, & Repairs.

As a business owner you need to work with an agency that understand your business and works with the right boat dealer insurance carriers. Barbee Jackson Insurance has partnered with 7 of the largest marine dealer insurance carriers to provide our clients the comprehensive coverage they need at an affordable rate. With years of experience developing insurance policies for boat dealers’ and repair facilities we can help you find the coverage you need at the lowest possible price.


  • Comprehensive Marine/Boat Dealer Insurance for sales, service, and repair
  • Fast, Flexible underwriting guidelines
  • Superior claims handling
  • Expert agents that are familiar with marine insurance
  • Tailored custom policies
  • Large discounts available for established marine businesses
  • Preferred Markets
  • Available in Florida, Alabama, & Georgia

Preferred markets available for instant quote:

  • Boat/Marine Dealers
  • Boat/Marine Service & Repair
  • Mobile Boat Repairs
  • Marinas, Piers & Docks

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Marine/Boat Dealers – Sales, Service, & Repair Insurance Coverage Options

Open Lot/Dealer’s Blanket – Dealer’s blanket covers damage to inventory that is for sale or pending sale. There are two types of forms available for Florida, Georgia, & Alabama marine/boat dealers -Reporting & Non-Reporting Forms. Reporting Form is based on the average value of the boat inventory over the past 12 months. Non-Reporting Form is based on the maximum anticipated inventory value during the policy period. Both forms will cover the boat inventory, but the Reporting Form has the advantage of receiving a 15% discount from most marine/boat dealer’s insurance carriers.

Marine Garage Liability - Provides legal liability coverage arising out of bodily injury and property damage incurred as a result of the insured’s premises, operations, work performed or products. Marine Garage Liability Coverage is broader than General Liability in many respects and includes Owned/Non-Owned/Hired coverage.

Protection & Indemnity Coverage for both sales & repair. This coverage is designed to provide protection while the watercraft is off premise, demonstration of watercraft while off premise, and watercrafts great than 26 feet in length that are not being used to carry persons or property for charge.

Marine Commercial General Liability – Comprehensive General Liability that includes coverage for products and completed operations, operator liability, and miscellaneous liability.

Marine Excess Liability – Additional limits of liability that go beyond the Marine Commercial General Liability and Marine Garage Liability.

Marine Pollution – Provides coverage for spills that include, but not limited to clean-up costs, third party damage, assessments of and damage to natural resources, loss of revenue and profits by third parties, defense costs, civil penalties, and criminal fines.

Commercial Auto – For marine operators and mobile boat repairs operations that include, liability, medical payments, comprehensive, and collision.

Property – Coverage for buildings and business personal property.

Workers Compensation – Protects business owners from being sued by employees for workplace conditions that can cause an injury or illness.

Stevedores Legal Liability – Protects stevedores for property damage during loading and unloading of vessels at port.

Terminal Operators Legal Liability – Protects operators for loss or damage to cargo while handling cargo for import and export.

Wharfingers Legal Liability – Protects dock and pier owners/operators for property damage to watercraft in their care for the purposes of docking.

Dealer Open Lot/Dealer’s Blanket…Further Explained

For new and used marine/boat dealerships it’s important to evaluate the value of all boats you may have on the lot. If there was a total loss to all boats owned by the dealership it is important to have the right amount of coverage. For example…you have a boat dealership that has $500,000 in boat inventory. During a heavy storm ten(10) boats sustained significant damage resulting in damages of $100,000. Depending on the type of insurance policy you may have a larger deductible than you think. The policy you purchased could have a deductible for each boat, instead of a maximum per loss. If you did have a deductible for each boat of $1,000 that would result in $10,000 out-of-pocket expense. But if you purchased a policy with a maximum per loss the resulting deductible would be $4,000! That would saving you, the business owner, $6,000! That’s why it’s important to work with an agency that understands boat dealership insurance.

A well-established local marine/boat dealership was in the market for a new insurance policy after their existing agent explained that there was no coverage off premises. The concern of the business owner was that the mechanics needed the ability to test drive the boats after the repairs to ensure the boats were operating properly. Also, the sales team needed the option to demonstrate the boat performance to potential customers. After contacting Barbee Jackson Insurance, we reviewed the risk and were able to place coverage with one of our preferred marine/boat dealer insurance carriers that included insurance for watercrafts while off premise. We also included Dealer’s Blanket coverage that included the Reporting form that resulted in a substantial savings over the current policy. The end result was the business owner got the coverage she needed and decreased the amount of insurance she was paying!

How Do I Purchase Dealers Insurance?

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