Crestview Flood Insurance

The resent disaster in Houston, TX got us to thinking about the hundreds of thousands of people that will be displaced do to this natural disaster. Even more…will they be able to return to their home?

Hurricanes bring more than just wind, they bring massive Flooding, and without Flood Insurance you could be in Financial ruin! Homeowners Insurance does not cover flood. Flood Insurance is a separate policy issued by insurance carriers and backed by FEMA.


According to the Insurance Information Institute as of August 2016 only 15% of the 1.6 million homes in Harris County, Houston TX had flood insurance. That means 1 in every 7 homes had flood insurance!

Are Crestview Homeowners at Risk?

100% YES…that’s because we could realistically see a 100-year storm like Harvey. When that storm produces that much rain, in that small-time period, Crestview will be under water! The majority of homeowners don’t live in a designated “100-year floodplain” area so you aren’t required to buy flood insurance, BUT you can buy Flood Insurance at a reduced rate backed by the US Government.

Can I buy Flood Insurance prior to the storm?

Sure, if you can project a storm 30 days out! Flood Insurance has a standard 30 day waiting period from the time you purchase the insurance until the time the policy goes into effect. The only exception to this rule is for a new purchase with insurance effective on the closing date. If you wait until the day after closing to buy, you will be subject to the 30 day wait.

Doesn’t Federal Disaster Assistance pay for Flood Damage?

Assistance is only available if the President declares it a disaster. History show only 10% of all disasters are ever declared. That mean 90% of the time, homeowners are left holding the bag.

Is it expensive?

Absolutely Not…it is very cheap considering the value of your home. The typical Crestview homeowner will pay less than $450 per year for $250,000 of home and personal belonging insurance.

How do I get started?

We make the process Super Easy! Simply fill out the form above and one of our licensed agents will call and do the quote over the phone. Even better…call us at (850) 389-2001 and get your quote over the phone!

It’s time for your insurance you to protect your most valuable asset by buying Flood Insurance. Don’t wait until after the storm to see if you have the right coverage.

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