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Painting Contractors Insurance

Like any other small business, painting contractors need insurance to protect their business against liability that could happen on the job site. Protecting your business with the right coverage is where Barbee Jackson Insurance has you covered. We work with the leading contractor’s insurance companies to provide your painting business with the best coverage at a price you can afford. Our agents are standing by to answer all your questions and get you started today.

Insurance Policy Coverage Options

  • General Liability Insurance – This is the base coverage for all contractor’s insurance. It provides liability coverage against bodily injury and property damage resulting from a covered claim. This coverage is required by most General Contractors before you are allowed on the job site. Limits start at $300,000 and goes as high as $2 Million.
  • Property Insurance – Most painting contractors are home based businesses, but some mid to large painting contractors have a Commercial Building that need to be insured. We can package this coverage in with your general liability policy.
  • Commercial Auto – Most painting contractors have commercial vehicles to transport workers and material to and from the job site. We can package this coverage into your policy to save you time and money.
  • Workers Compensation – Most states require employers to cover its workers against injury with a minimum of $100,000 per occurrence, $500,000 aggregate, and $100,000 per occurrence by disease. Coverage levels are up to $1 Million.
  • Inland Marine Insurance – An essential coverage for your business that provides coverage for your tools and equipment, both on or off the job site. You can schedule equipment like paint sprayers or scaffolding. You can also have an unscheduled policy that provides coverage on a broad range of equipment (especially small tools), but the limits may not be high enough to cover the loss for larger items.
  • Commercial Umbrella – Provides an extra amount of liability protection over all of the underlying coverages. For example, an extra $1,000,000 in liability on top of the underlying general liability, auto liability, and other optional coverages that it can go over.
  • Bid, Performance, and/or Payment Bonds – A very important requirement for Florida Contractors to obtain jobs and protect through the project until completion. It may not be required at all or just one of the above.
  • Professional Liability

Our Process is Designed to Save you Money



We design your policy based on your business needs. We try to package all the coverages under one (1) insurance carrier to save you time and money.



We then send out your application to all the leading contractor’s insurance carriers. We compare coverage levels and premium amounts to determine the best fit.



Most policies can be bound in less than 24 hours depending on the type of risk.

Payment Options

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually

At Barbee Jackson Insurance we understand the need for you to get on the job site fast. That’s why we issue all Certificates of Insurance (COI) within 5 minutes of the request.

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Average Cost of Painting Contractors Insurance

The General Liability and Workers’ Compensation premiums are based on your annual payroll numbers. The higher the payroll the more your business will have to pay for insurance. Premiums for General Liability Insurance start at $463 per year.

Why Painting Contractors Need Insurance – Insurance Protects and Saves Businesses

XYZ Painters was hired by a GMC Dealership to repaint the exterior of the of their showroom. This project took several days and a lot of manpower to complete the task. After the building was cleaned and chips repaired the painting company started to paint the exterior of the building with a paint sprayer. Our client was not aware that the winds that day caused the paint from the paint sprayer to carry over onto the dealership’s new car inventory, leaving a light but noticeable paint residue over several vehicles. The GMC Dealership filed a claim against XYZ Painters and our insurance carrier covered the costs of the claim, paying over $300,000 in property damage.

Let Barbee Jackson Insurance Protect your Business

We have licensed agents standing by to answer all your questions and get you the right coverage. Due to the unique risks involved with being a painting contractor we will design the policy around your individual needs. Call today to get started (850) 389-2001

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