Alabama Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Alabama Trucking firms is vital to the success of the business. In an industry where the risk of an accident is great, protecting the drivers or employees also means to protect the business. Don’t risk everything you have worked so hard to build, or are building, by not being protected by a superior agency and company. Contact Barbee Jackson Insurance today for your free quote!

Whether you are just getting your trucking company up and running, or have been in business for years, it is vital to know the laws and requirements to which you must adhere. Failure to comply with the state guidelines is dangerous and costly. To help, we have broken down some of the laws, requirements, and coverage options for Alabama Trucking Workers’ Compensation.

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Who must have Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

Any business in Alabama, other than contractors, that has five (5) or more regular employees must carry workers’ compensation coverage. Regular employees may be full or part time employees. The number of hours worked does not impact the requirements, but rather if the employees are regularly employed. Domestic employees, farm laborers, casual employees, or municipalities having a population of less than 2,000 are exempt from the requirements of the law.

It is important to remember that even though a business may not be required to carry coverage, it doesn’t mean they can’t elect to purchase coverage. It is important that you consider the dangers of having employees and not having workers’ compensation insurance. Although you may not be required by law to carry the coverage, it does not protect you from the repercussions of operating with employees and no coverage.

Are owners included in the coverage?

Owners, officers, and managing members of an LLC are included as employees in the workers’ compensation coverage. As an officer of a corporation or a managing member of an LLC you may choose to exclude themselves from coverage. This is an important decision to be made and one that only the individual can make. As an owner of a trucking company, your role in the firm may have a large impact on the decision. If you are unsure of whether to be included or excluded, a discussion with your agent may help.

What options are available for Alabama Trucking Workers’ Compensation?

There are five different options available through which you could purchase workers’ compensation insurance. They are from an approved workers’ compensation carrier who will write an insurance policy, from the Assigned Risk Pool when insurance carriers refuse to write an insurance policy for you, through a group self-insurance fund, through individual self-insurance, or through an approved alternative workers’ compensation policy from an authorized insurance carrier.

As described above, the best option is through a private insurance company. Besides the rate being more competitive, ease of use with the carrier is also much better. Unfortunately, this is not always an option. Whether it is a claim history problem, size of the business, or a combination of multiple things, it is important to work with an agency who understands Alabama Trucking Workers’ Compensation to get the coverage you need.

How Do I Purchase Alabama Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

This is the easiest part, call Barbee Jackson Insurance! We have the ability to quote and bind coverage over the phone. Our knowledgeable and experience agents can take the time to work with you to find the solutions you need for your business. If you are not able to call, inquire through our website and we can communicate through email.

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