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Barbee Jackson Insurance is a leader in the garage industry, with more markets to offer competitive, comprehensive coverage in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. We have programs designed specifically for construction and farm equipment dealers, as well as repair facilities to make sure you are fully protected.

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  • Construction Equipment Dealers
  • Farm Equipment Dealers
  • Heavy Equipment Repair Facilities
  • Construction and Farm Equipment Repair Facilities
  • Mobile Repair Operations

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Coverage Options for Construction & Farm Equipment – Sales, Service, and Repair

Construction & Farm Equipment Dealers Open Lot: One of the most valuable coverage for a sales facility. This coverage provides protection for the new and used equipment for sale. Coverage may be provided based on the maximum value for total equipment or on a monthly reporting form. Although a little more work, the reporting form offers a discount and a greater potential for money back at the end of the year.

Construction & Farm Equipment Liability: A unique coverage designed to protect the whole operation. Anything from a customer slip and fall on the lot, to an accident while testing the equipment, to a malfunction in the repair shop. This comprehensive coverage is specifically designed to protect against any liability incident for your operations.

Construction & Farm Equipemnt Garagekeepers: As a service and repair facility, customers entrust their construction and equipment in your care. This great coverage will offer you, and them, the protection they need while the equipment is in your care, custody, and control. Our comprehensive coverage offers this on a primary basis, meaning, regardless of the cause of loss we will provide coverage to the equipment first. This is important for protecting your name and reputation.

Construction & Farm Equipment Commercial Auto: Whether you are a dealer or a repair/service facility, you probably own at least one truck and trailer. Whether it is used to pick up and drop off equipment, or just to run and pick up parts, we have to coverage you need. Additionally, we can compare the pricing to schedule it on your dealer package policy or cover it individually on a separate auto policy for an added discount. Barbee Jackson Insurance has the experienced agent to make sure this is done accurately, and to maximize savings.

Worker’s Compensation: This coverage will provide your employees with the protection they need and you may be required to provide. Depending on the state, worker’s compensation laws and coverage may vary. By packaging the coverage with the rest of your insurance you will secure the most discounts and the superior coverage you need.

Construction & Farm Equipment Excess Coverage: When dealing with construction and farm equipment, the losses may become large quickly. This great coverage is designed to go over all of your underlying (liability, commercial auto, worker’s compensation, etc.) policies to offer additional protection.

There are a lot of important things to know about purchasing insurance for your construction and farm equipment dealership, service, and repair facility. The first thing to look for is on the dealer’s open lot, also called, dealers blanket coverage. Our policies will offer a maximum out of pocket deductible per incident. This will be very important in the event of a hurricane, tornado, or any other large disaster that could damage multiple pieces of equipment. Without the right policy, you may pay that deductible each time. For example, a tornado comes through and damages eight of your tractors. If the deductible on the policy is $1,000 then you will have to pay out $8,000 before the policy even provides protection. This also may cause you not to claim minor damages on other tractors because the damage is under $1,000. Our policies will offer a maximum per incident deductible. In some instances, you may only have to pay one, $1,000 deductible to cover the eight tractors.

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Expanded Coverage Explanations

Another valuable coverage to discuss is the garagekeepers. I mentioned before that we will offer coverage on a primary basis, but what does that mean? There are three options when purchasing garagekeepers coverage: Direct Primary, Direct Excess, and Legal Liability. We are only going to discuss the first and last because Direct Excess has almost become an obsolete coverage and is not the preferred option. For more information, contact Barbee Jackson Insurance to discuss. Direct Primary will provide coverage to your customer’s equipment, regardless of the cause of the loss. For example, a bad windstorm damages the front end loader you are repairing. Even though the equipment is inside the building, it was damaged. Legally, you have done nothing to cause the damage but our policy will pay so that your customer does not have to use their own. Legal Liability coverage is just that, your policy will only pay if you are negligent, or legally liable. The same example provided for Direct Primary would not be covered if you have legal liability because there was nothing further you could have done to prevent the loss from occurring, and the customer will have to use their own insurance.

A construction company brought their large excavator to the repair facility for hydraulic work. While there, the equipment was stored in a lit, alarmed, fenced, and locked lot behind the shop. Overnight some kids decided to break in and vandalize the equipment in the lot, including the $60,000 excavator. The repair facility calls in the claim to the insurance company. Unfortunately, since they have legal liability coverage on the garagekeepers there is no protection. The adjustor informs the repair facility that they have legal liability and that since they were no negligent the policy offers no coverage. The customer is not happy because he feels the shop should pay for repairs since it happened while there.

We were able to educate this repair facility, and get him with the coverage he needed, which was direct primary. A good agent is very important for the success of your business. Let our experienced agents work for you, not only for cost savings, but for the future of your business.

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