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If you’re looking for the best price and the best coverage for your dealership, then you have come to the right place. Barbee Jackson Insurance is recognized is being one of the leaders in Dealership Insurance across the south. We have a dedicated team of licensed agents that ONLY work with Dealerships and Garage Facilities. What this means to you is a HIGHER level of understanding about your business and insurance needs.

One phone call could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year. The process is fast and easy, so call today 850-389-2001 or click the call button on the icon below!

How We Save You Money



Our application process takes as little as five minutes to complete depending on the size of your facility.



We submit your information to our underwriting staff. From there they determine which carrier will have the best rate.



In as little as four (4) hours we can have your policy bound. All forms are signed over email and you will get a binder that same day.

Dealers & Garage Premier Program Eligibility

  • Automobile Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships who primarily sell and service new and used cars
  • Marine Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships who primarily sell and service watercrafts
  • Semi-Truck Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships that specialize in large commercial vehicle sales and service
  • Farm Equipment Dealership | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships that specialize in farm equipment sales and service
  • Recreational Vehicle Dealership | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships who sell motorcycles, golf carts, motorhomes, fifth-wheels, campers and all-terrain vehicles
  • Trailer Dealerships
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships who primary sell all types of trailers
  • Service Operations
    Detail shops, accessory garages, self & full service car washes, oil & lube garage, and tire centers
  • Repair Operations
    Tractor trailer repairs, auto repair facilities, collision centers, motor home repair, and mobile repair

Program Highlights and Optional Coverage

  • Garage Liability
    Garage Liability covers two types of liability, “Garage Operations” and “Other Than Covered Autos”. Garage Operations covers auto exposure for bodily injury and property damage while Other Than Covered Autos provides liability insurance for the dealer lot.
  • Surety Bond (Also referred to as a Dealer Bond)
    Bond that is designed to protect customers and the state against a dealership committing fraud
  • Blanket Dealers Open Lot (DOL) up to $10 Million Dollars
    Inventory coverage for both new and used inventory
  • Garagekeepers
    Protects customer’s auto/boat/etc. when you are keeping it at a covered location
  • Scheduled Auto’s
    Liability and/or physical damage for vehicles owned by the business
  • Business Interruption
    Protects your business from loss of income in the event your business is closed due to a covered loss
  • Workers Compensation
    Wage replacement and medical benefits to an employees injured on the job
  • Errors and Omissions
    Protects your business from claims caused by negligent acts, errors, or omissions
  • False Pretense Coverage
    Protects against losses due to voluntarily parting with a vehicle If induced to do so by any fraudulent act, scheme, trick, or purchasing the auto/boat/ATV/etc. from a seller who did not have legal right to sell
  • Diminished Value Coverage
    Allows you to recover the diminished value of a car/boat/ATV/etc. after a covered loss
  • Employment Practices Liability
    Protection against wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Employee Benefits Liability
    Coverage against damages caused by your business negligent handling of your employee benefits program

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Protect Your Investment with our Dealers Open Lot Insurance (DOL).

Many car makers including Ford and GMAC offer their franchise owners the opportunity to purchase comprehensive insurance packages to protect their new vehicle inventories, however many independent dealerships are not aware they can purchase the same insurance to protect their inventory. Even more…Dealer Open Lot Insurance is AFFORDABLE!

Living in the south it’s not uncommon for a hurricane, tornado, flood, or large thunderstorm to cause extensive damage to the dealerships inventory. That’s why it is important to protect your investment, as you would your house, against natural and un-natural potential losses. Image if a tornado struck your dealership tomorrow. Do you have the money in the bank to reinvest in your inventory? Could that loss potential put you out-of-business? In most cases the answer is YES and that’s why you must protect your inventory with Dealers Open Lot Insurance.

Talk to one of our agents today to discuss all the insurance options that you may be missing. One phone call could save your business money on Dealer and Garage Insurance and save your business against uninsured inventory.

Why Choose Barbee Jackson Insurance for Your Dealership and Garage Insurance?

Not only can we provide the coverage you need at an affordable price, but we also work with experts in risk management that can help you identify potential hazards and find ways to reduce or eliminate those risks to your business. Barbee Jackson Insurance works as your partner helping you navigate the complex world of insurance and risk management. Don’t settle for an agent that doesn’t know your business…work with the industries best insurance experts. Call us today for your 100% FREE insurance.

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