Guide to Mississippi Commercial Trucking Insurance

Guide to Mississippi Commercial Trucking Insurance

If you are going to operate any type of motorized vehicle in Mississippi you are going to need insurance. And if you are going to operate a commercial truck, you are going to need a lot of insurance. But a lot of insurance doesn’t have to come at a high price.

Barbee Jackson Insurance is one of the country’s largest writers of Commercial Trucks with over 1,000 semi-trucks and box trucks currently insured. Thousands have chosen Barbee Jackson Insurance to handle their commercial insurance needs because we can offer some of the most competitive rates and coverage options in the market. Call today to get started (850) 389-2001 on your Mississippi Trucking Insurance quote.

2023 Mississippi Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements 

  • General Freight - $750,000 CSL
  • Household Movers - $300,000 CSL and Cargo $10,000
  • Hazmat - $5,000,000
  • Oil Transport - $1,000,000

General Freight Household Movers Refrigerated Goods
Ag Haulers Log trucks Dump Trucks
Tow Trucks Box Trucks Auto Haulers
Livestock Hauler Seafood Distributors Vehicle Fleets

How to get a Mississippi Trucking Quote

We work with all the leading commercial truck insurance companies, this saves you time and money. All we need is the following to get you a quote fast.

  • Department of Transportation Number (DOT)
  • Owner Information including name, date of birth, home address and driver license number
  • Driver Information including name, date of birth and driver license number
  • Vehicle Information include VIN and the stated amount you would like to insure the truck for
  • Radius of Operation
  • Motor Carrier (MC) if you plan on crossing state lines

How much is Commercial Trucking Insurance in Mississippi?

No two trucks will pay the same price even if they are hauling the same goods. Why? The rating systems that the insurance companies use pull in hundreds of different variables to determine an insurance premium. Trucking Insurance Cost Factors include, your credit score, VIN, driving record, age, etc and this is just to name a few.

An example of a trucking operation we just wrote in 2023, where it was an owner-operator hauling building material with a radius of 100 miles, $50,000 in cargo and $1 million in liability. The total premium for the year $9,378

Understanding how your Safer influences your Premium


Insurance Coverage Options

Combined Single Limit (CSL) - CSL is a combination of bodily injury and property damage combined under one limit. This is unlike personal auto insurance where the limits are split between property damage and bodily injury.

Physical Damage - Physical Damage coverage is comprehensive and collision, just like in personal auto insurance. Comprehensive covers to what are referred to as “Natural Events” like weather related incidents and accidents involving animals.

Collision is all other, such as a theft of a vehicle and accidents involving other vehicles and property.

Cargo Liability - Cargo liability is damage to the cargo you are hauling. This type of coverage is not a blanket coverage and you must specify the coverage amount that you are wanting.

Commercial General Liability - This coverage is frequently asked for with building material haulers that also have a forklift attached to the trailer to move the material from the trailer to the jobsite. Since auto liability is only for the truck, General Liability Insurance would be used for the forklift as it operates around the jobsite.

Workers Compensation - Workers Comp is most frequently required for when there are more than just an owner-operator. Workers Comp is designed to pay for employee injuries. 

Driver Turnover can Cost you Thousands in Premiums! Click here to see why - Driver Turnover

Why more Truckers choose Barbee Jackson Insurance

Barbee Jackson Insurance works with all the leading commercial trucking insurance companies. This gives us the ability to shop all the rates with all the insurance carriers at the same time to find you the best rate.

Our licensed Trucking Insurance Agent work with thousands of trucking companies each year and are ready to get you an insurance quote today (850) 389-2001

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