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What are the Insurance Requirements for Alabama Household Movers?

The State of Alabama requires all Household Movers to carry commercial auto liability in the amount of $100,000 per person bodily injury and $300,000 per accident along with $50,000 in property damage. This limit can be combined into one single limit called Combined Single Limit (CSL). If you want to combined the limits, most insurance agencies will recommend CSL, then the coverage level for Alabama Household Movers would be $350,000

In addition the State of Alabama requires all Household Movers to carry cargo insurance in the amount of $5,000.

Alabama will require the insurance company to file Forms E and H to the Alabama Public Services Commission. Forms E and H tell the state that you have insurance and cargo insurance at the required limits. If the policy lapses then the insurance company is required to inform the state that you are not in compliance.

What is the Average Insurance Cost for a Household Mover in Alabama?

Costs vary depending on the insurance company, but for minimum required limits with a clean Motor Vehicle Report and good credit you can expect to pay on average $7,000 per year, per vehicle.

Average is not the lowest some of our customers pay or the highest. It’s just the middle ground. With three years prior insurance with no losses, some of our clients are only paying $3,000 per unit per year.

Understanding Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance provides coverage for your clients goods while in transit. The “in transit” is important because some insurance companies do not provide coverage for your clients goods while in the process of loading and unloading from the house or business. The Terms and Conditions portion of the quote will tell you if it is excluded or included.

Types of losses included in cargo insurance are theft, weather related and an accident. Again it is important to read the Terms and Conditions of the proposal to make sure nothing that you need is excluded.

One of the major insurance companies that writes Trucking Insurance in Alabama for Household Goods Movers is Progressive Insurance. Progressive will not write Cargo Insurance for Household Goods Movers in any state. This poses a problem for many mover services companies, but there are ways around this problem.

The easiest is just to find another insurance company that will write the commercial auto and cargo. Progressive is not the only game in town and there are plenty of other insurance companies that want to write moving companies in Alabama. Many of these insurance companies will do it for a lower price.

The second option is to write a standalone Cargo Policy. This policy works just the same as a package policy, but it only covers the cargo not the commercial liability.  At Barbee Jackson Insurance we are only allowed to write a standalone cargo policy if we also write the commercial auto.

Thinking About Crossing State Lines?

Many full service moving companies want to cross state lines and offer long distance moving. This option is available, usually with an added cost. When you just do local moving or moving with the state you are only governed by Alabama law. As soon as you cross state lines you are governed under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

FMCSA has higher insurance limit requirements and different filing than the State of Alabama. In order to cross state lines along with having a Department of Transportation (DOT) number you must have an active Motor Carrier (MC) number.

The insurance requirements to activate a MC number are $750,000 in CSL auto liability, which is much higher than the State of Alabama requirement of $350,000.

Other Coverage Options

General Liability Insurance is another common coverage requested by moving companies. Commercial General Liability covers for slip and falls. More frequently the loss needs to include damage to property of others during the move.

For example, during the process of moving furniture out of a home the movers damaged the house. This would be covered loss if you would have purchased a general liability policy.

Warehouse Legal Liability is a coverage option that is available if you store other people's goods for a fee. Your operation may include a warehouse where you store customers' goods. Under a commercial property policy customers goods would not be included in the event of a loss.

With the addition of Warehouse Legal Liability your customers' goods would be covered in the event of direct physical loss such as a fire or theft.

Workers Compensation Insurance is designed to add a layer of protection for the employer in case an employee is injured on the job. Moving Companies employees are subject to moving heavy items and in the course of moving these objects they may slip and fall. Without Workers Comp insurance the employer may have to pay for injuries out -of-pocket and/or may face legal troubles.

Commercial Property Insurance is available if you own your building. This type of policy is written as a standalone policy to the commercial trucking policy. 

Business Personal Property is for items stored in the business owners building whether or not they own the building.

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