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Barbee Jackson Insurance can offer both, the coverage you need at the best price. Join thousands of Dealerships like yours that trusted us to handle all their dealership insurance needs. 

What makes us different is our vast network of insurance companies that write Auto Dealerships. We take the time to design a policy to meet your specific needs then submit the application to all the leading insurers. 24 hours later all the quotes will have been received back to our garage team and we will give you the coverage you requested at the best price. Insurance made Simple!

State of Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission Insurance Requirement

Garage Liability - $300,000

Surety Bond - $50,000

Along with the insurance requirements you also have zoning, financials and a whole host of other requirements. Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Motor Vehicles Commission outlines the requirements, just follow the link Tennessee Motor Vehicle Dealer License to find out more.

What is Garage Liability Insurance?

Garage Liability is an insurance policy specifically designed to meet the unique needs of dealerships. What makes dealerships unique is the automobile exposure that General Liability Insurance doesn’t address. 

As a dealership you have exposure to test drives, going to and from auction, and other auto related hazards. These types of items are excluded on a normal General Liability policy. 

A Garage Policy can be broken down into three parts.

#1 - Auto

Auto relates to the moving of a vehicle similar to auto liability insurance. The insurance policy will cover for liability only in the event of an accident.

#2 - Other than Auto

Other than Auto is more similar to General Liability where it covers for slip and falls on the lot.

#3 - Aggregate

The Aggregate is the most a policy will pay in any one policy period. 


Dealer Open Lot and Garage Keepers Insurance

Your business type will depend if you need one, or the other, or both. Dealer Open Lot is designed to provide physical damage for owned inventory. For example, you own a car lot that has 25 vehicles for sale and the total lot value is $625,000. We would insure the lot for the total amount of $625,000 and if something happened, for instance a tornado were to strike taking out the entire inventory the insurance company would financially reimburse the owner.

This can work on a smaller scale as well. A customer while test driving a vehicle got into an at-fault accident. The Dealer Open Lot would cover for the loss of the vehicle and the Garage Liability would pay for damages to the property/bodily injury to others.

Garage Keepers on the other hand provides protection for the care, custody and control of non-owned vehicles, i.e. customer vehicles. For example, in the course of repairing a customer's car you accidentally scratch the vehicle. The Garage Keepers Insurance would pay to repair the scratch.

Read our Blog to Find out more - Dealer Open Lot

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Surety Bond aka Auto Dealer Bond


Other Coverage Options

  • Dealer Error & Omissions
  • Workers Compensation 
  • Business Auto
  • Commercial Building
  • Business Personal Property


Insuring a Dealership or Auto Repair Shop can get complicated. That’s why working with an independent insurance company that specializes in Dealership Insurance can make the process simple by asking you the right question to get you the right coverage at the best price. Call Today to get started (850) 389-2001.

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