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Barbee Jackson Insurance is the leading provider of Dealership and Garage Liability Insurance throughout the greater Pensacola area. We work with Used Car Dealers, Collision Centers, New Car Dealers, Repair Facilities, and Auto Wholesalers to provide great customer service along with outstanding Garage Liability rates. We have partnered with eleven (11) of the leading Dealership and Garage Insurance carriers to get the best rates for Pensacola Dealerships and Repair Shops.

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Pensacola Dealership & Garage Liability Insurance Eligibility

  • Used Car Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Experienced and New Venture Dealerships that primarily sell and/or service used cars
  • New Car Dealership | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships that specialize in New Auto Sales and Service
  • Repair Shops
    All types of repair shops including Collision Centers
  • Wholesale Dealership
    For dealers who specialize in wholesale autos
  • Marine Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships who primarily sell and service watercrafts
  • Service Operations
    Detail shops, car washes, oil & lube, and tire centers
  • Farm Equipment Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships that primarily sell and/or service Farm & Construction Equipment
  • Powersport Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Franchised & Non-Franchised Dealerships that sell and/or service recreational vehicles and watercrafts

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Program Highlights and Optional Coverage

Garage Liability
Garage Liability on the Garage Form covers two types of liability “Garage Operations Auto” and “Garage Operations Other Than Autos” Garage Operations Auto covers auto exposure for bodily injury and property damage of others while operating a vehicle. Garage Operations Other Than Autos provides liability insurance for the premises.

Surety Bond (Also referred to as a Dealer Bond)
Bond designed to protect customers and the State of Florida against a dealership committing fraud

Dealer Open Lot (DOL)
Inventory coverage for both new and used inventory

Protect customers auto/boat/etc. while in your care, custody, and control

Workers Compensation
Wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured on the job

False Pretense Coverage
Protects against losses due to voluntarily parting with a vehicle if induced to do so by any fraudulent act, scheme, trick, or purchasing the auto/boat/etc. from a seller who did not have legal right to sell

Diminished Value Coverage
Allows you to recover the diminished value of a car/boat/etc. as a result of a covered loss

Employment Practices Liability
Protection against wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.

Errors & Omissions
Protects your business from claims caused by negligent acts, errors, or omissions

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Dealer Open Lot Cover?

Dealer Open Lot provides physical damage coverage for vehicles owned by the dealership. Coverage typically includes losses resulting from wind, hail, flood, fire, theft, earthquake, and collision. Pensacola Dealerships should double check their policy to make sure wind, hail, and flood is included on the coverage terms of the policy. Many policies in Florida have an exclusion on wind, hail, and flood due to the high exposure of wind resulting from hurricanes and tropical storms.

What does Garage Liability cover?

Garage Liability on a garage form is divided in two parts, Garage Operations other than Auto and Garage Operations Auto. Garage Operations other than Auto protects the garage location for injuries that happens premises. Garage Operations Auto covers liability that arises from an accident that occurs while driving the auto.

I’m a Dealership in Pensacola, Florida; what does the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motors Vehicles require for the Surety Bond?

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles requires new and used car dealers to post a $25,000 Surety Bond. The prices for surety bonds are based off the credit score of the owner(s). Prices can range from $250 per year up to $2,000 depending on your credit.

What’s the difference between Garagekeepers and Dealer Open Lot?

Garagekeepers covers non-owned vehicles in your care, custody, and control. An example of a business that would purchase Garagekeepers insurance would be a repair shop or collision center. Dealer Open Lot covers vehicles owned by the dealership. This is most commonly used by new and used car dealerships to cover physical damage of their inventory.

What is the average rate for Garage Liability in Pensacola, FL?

Costs of Garage Liability rates in Pensacola, Florida depend on several factors such as age of drivers, furnished or non-furnished autos, coverage limits, and several other factors. With that said, we’ve seen rates as low as $1,200 per year!

Why Choose Barbee Jackson Insurance for Your Dealership and Garage Insurance?

Barbee Jackson Insurance protects what matters most to you by working with ALL the leading garage liability insurance carriers. This mean you can be assured that you are getting the best rate the first time. Don’t settle for an agent that doesn’t know your business…work with the industries best Garage Liability Insurance experts.

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