Orlando Commercial Trucking Insurance

Are you running Inside the State of Florida Only?

Are you based in or near Orlando Florida? If you answered yes to these questions, Barbee Jackson Insurance has a unique opportunity for you!!!!!

We have designed an exclusive program for our Orlando Florida Area Short Haul Truckers. There are dozens of insurance carriers out there offering trucking insurance. You need an agent able to navigate those carriers to find you the best coverage for the best rate. For our operators with 3 years of previous insurance our rates are 37% lower than the national average. Our rates for new ventures are between 15-20% below the national average. We are the number one agent for short haul insurance. We have dedicated agents that specialize in the Orlando Florida Area Trucking Insurance Market.

The Barbee Jackson Insurance Orlando Florida Area Short Haul Trucking program is designed to save you money while getting you the coverage you need. Our program highlights and preferred markets are listed below. Certain markets are ineligible for this program, but available though our standard markets.

Barbee Jackson Insurance Orlando Florida Short Haul Trucking Program Highlights and Preferred Markets

Program Features

  • Many clients qualify for one month down
  • Certificates of Insurance within 3 minutes
  • Cargo Coverage
  • Exclusive Short Haul Pricing
  • New Ventures Accepted (Standard Markets)
  • Aggressive pricing with 3 Years Prior Insurance
  • No Finance Charges
  • Agents that Specialize in the Orlando Florida Trucking Insurance Market
  • Fleet Discounts

Preferred Markets

  • Dry Van
  • Refrigerated Freight (Reefer)
  • Recyclers
  • Sod Farms
  • Mulch & Top Soil
  • Agriculture (Feed, Grain, Hay)
  • Produce & Crops
  • Equipment Haulers
  • Building Materials
  • Household Movers
  • Amazon Parcel Haulers

Not Eligible for our Specialized Short Haul Program

  • Petroleum
  • Hazmat
  • Hotshot Carriers
  • Car Haulers
  • Loggers

Why Barbee Jackson Insurance For Your Orlando Florida Short Haul Insurance?

Our dedicated trucking specialists are experts at placing you with the right carrier and product for your short haul trucking insurance needs. We have agents that specialize in the Orlando Florida Trucking Market as well as the surrounding area. There are unique trucking markets in Orlando due to its proximity to the remainder of the state. It is vital that you work with an agent that understands the potential of this area. Please see below a few things that we guarantee our clients.

  • Fast, Accurate Quotes from the leading Commercial Trucking Insurance providers
  • More Options by working with multiple insurance providers
  • Monthly financing options for 99% of our clients
  • Certificates of Insurance done fast and accurate to get you on the road sooner
  • Customized Policies that meet your needs at an affordable price
  • The Cheapest Commercial Trucking Insurance rates in the South!

We offer a 100% FREE insurance evaluation. No risk or obligation! Our experienced staff is happy to review your current coverage and advise you on money savings ideas and coverage gaps that you may be missing.

Ready to Talk to One of Our Orlando Area Short Haul Trucking Experts? Call 850-389-2001!!!

Types of Commercial Vehicles

Our program accepts almost all types of commercial vehicles including; semi-trucks, delivery trucks, light use trucks, catering trucks, moving vans/ straight trucks, box trucks, and refrigerated trailers, just to name a few.

What exactly do you mean by Short Haul Insurance?

Short haul trucking is defined by most insurance carriers as operating within a radius of less than 300 miles (Although our program is designed for truckers operating within a 500 miles radius!). This is the perfect fit for many new drivers and experienced drivers looking for a balance between work and home. Drivers for the transportation market are under high demand and many shippers are turning to short haul truckers to fulfill the need. Typically, short haul truckers get less pay than long haul truckers, but get the advantage of being closer to home and lower costs.

Overall radius of operation is an extremely important rating factor when it comes to pricing an Orlando area short haul trucking risk. However, there is another rating factor that short haul drivers can further benefit from if they haul out of the right location. Operators that stay within the state of Florida can save an additional 25% on their insurance cost. Many of our clients in the southeast USA run a short haul radius of less than 500 miles. The problem is that most of them still have to carry an MC number because they cross state lines within their 500 mile radius. The Orlando Florida location offers a unique opportunity for short haul truckers. Many of our clients running out of Orlando can deliver loads as far north as Tallahassee and as far south as Miami while keeping their status as a short haul trucker. These clients are considered short haul truckers but more importantly they are Florida Only haulers. This helps bump them into a price bracket that most clients can only dream of. Running inside the state of Florida Only comes with many many additional benefits. It is extremely important that you work with an agent that knows how to take advantage of those benefits. We have been helping our Orlando area short haul truckers take advantage of these opportunities for years.

Getting Your FREE Quote is Easy!

Because each Short Haul Insurance policy varies greatly according to the type of truck and the way it is used, it is important to work with an agent that knows your needs to match your business to the right carrier.

Fortunately, our experienced agents can save you time and money by comparing options, limits, and deductibles. Do not make the mistake of thinking you have the best coverage available. Allow Barbee Jackson Insurance a chance to show you just how affordable the comprehensive coverage that you deserve can actually be. We give you unbiased advice with the coverage options you need.

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