Nevada Liquor Liability Insurance

If your establishment sells or serves alcohol, then this is one of the most important coverages you can have to protect your business. Nevada Liquor Liability Insurance is there to protect you from injuries related to alcohol.

Liquor Liability Defined

This insurance coverage is designed to protect the business owner or individual from third party claims that may arise from the sale or service of alcohol. In more basic terms, it protects the seller or server from the damages that may be done by the individual consuming the alcohol.

Now let’s talk about an example. John decides to stop at ABC Bar on his way home from work. After a particularly stressful day he overindulges and is now looking for a fight, which he finds with another man (let us call him Steve) sitting at the end of the bar who looked at him wrong. Steve is taken to the hospital for his bodily injury and John is arrested for assault and battery. Steve recovers but now is suing John and ABC Bar for the injuries. In this example the general liability for ABC Bar will not provide any insurance protection, but the liquor liability will.

In addition to providing the financial protection for the payout it will also take care of legal fees incurred to defend the case, we will come back to more on this later.

Who Needs Liquor Liability Insurance

While the state of Nevada does not require this coverage, that does not mean that you are free from the liability. When we hear liquor liability insurance we often think of bars and taverns as the only ones that need to be concerned with this type of protection. However, individuals hosting a party or special event in which alcohol will be served also need this protection. That is referred to as Host Liquor Liability. A safe rule of thumb, if alcohol beverage is available make sure there is liquor liability insurance in place to protect.

Dram Shop Laws

First of all, what is a dram shop? Alcohol distributors were referred to as Dram Shops because originally alcohol was sold by a unit of measure called a dram. Nevada has a statute that says that when an intoxicated person causes harm, the third party who provided the alcohol cannot be held liable unless they are a minor (under the age of 21) at the time of the accident. This only applies to civil actions and does not prevent an individual from bringing a suit against the third party. This is again where the protection for legal fees is important and provided by the liquor liability policy.

Business Insurance

A compilation of coverages specific to the needs of each individual operation to provide the most protection. It may be made up of some or all the below.

–General Liability Insurance: Provides bodily injury and property damage protection to non-employees injured in conjunction with the business operations. This can be slip and fall claims or products liability for items produced by the business.

–Workers Compensation: Protects the employer by provided coverage to employees who are injured during work. Another coverage that may not be required but important to provide protection for the business.

–Property Coverage: From building to business personal property this coverage will repair or replace the physical property that may be damaged from things like acts of nature or malicious mischief.

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