Limo and Party Bus Insurance

As the United State reopens demand for luxury services such as limos and party buses is increasing! This means there is no better time to get into this luxury business.

Join hundreds of businesses like yours that trust Barbee Jackson Insurance for their insurance needs.

Looking for a low-cost Insurance for you Limousine or Party Bus? Look no further than Barbee Jackson Insurance! We are the country’s largest independent writer of large luxury vehicles and public transportation. Our program is designed to get you the coverage you need at the lowest price. Our Expert Staff will answer all your questions and get you a quote in just a few minutes.

What Do We Insure?

Limo/Luxury TransportationParty BusesTaxicab
Airport TransportationCasino TransportCharter Operations
City BusesSightseeing ToursOff-Road Excursions
Musician TransportationSchool BusesEmployee Transportation

What is the Average Cost?

Insurance costs vary among different states and coverage levels, but the average cost per year range from $2,000 per unit to $10,000 per unit.

Coverage Options

  • Liability Coverage – This type of insurance will protect you against liability risks that you will face if you, or an employee of yours, is involved in an accident and found to be at fault. Your liability insurance will cover bodily injury claims, providing financial support for the medical expenses of the injured party. In addition, your liability coverage will also include property damage incurred in the accident. If legal action is taken out against you because of the accident, your liability insurance will also cover the cost of your defense regardless if you are found to be at fault or not.
  • Physical Damage – This is the type of insurance that you need to pay for the damage to your own limo during an accident or because of another incident. Coverage will include both comprehensive, damage caused by vandalism, theft or severe weather, as well as collision damage caused by an accident.
  • Customization – This coverage will provide additional money for customization done to your party bus.
  • Underinsured or Uninsured Motorists Insurance* – If your limo is damaged or you sustain injuries in an accident that is caused by a party that does not have sufficient auto insurance coverage, this policy will pay for your property damage and injuries. *Please note: This coverage is state specific and can vary depending on where the vehicle(s) are registered. Please allow our educated agents explain this valuable coverage to you.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance – To protect you against wrongful acts of the employment process, i.e. termination, discrimination, or sexual harassment.

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