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Georgia Insurance Requirements

Georgia Intrastate Motor Carrier (GIMC) requires Household Goods Movers to maintain $350,000 in Combined Single Limits (CSL). CSL is a limit where the property damage and bodily injury are combined under one limit as opposed to splitting the limit between two coverages. 

The state will monitor that you are maintaining the required limit by requiring the insurance company to file a Form E. In the event that your policy lapses the insurance company will send the GIMC a form saying that your policy lapsed.

The State of Georgia requires all Moving Companies to maintain $25,000 in cargo insurance. Cargo insurance protects your clients goods in the event of a covered loss. Covered losses include theft, vandalism, weather and a vehicle accident.

What we need to get you a Quote!

Department of Transportation Number (DOT)
Owner information including driver license number, date of birth and home address
Driver information including driver license number and date of birth
Vehicle information including Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Auto Liability requested limits. State minimum is $350,000 with limits available to $2 million

Who much does Georgia Household Movers Insurance Cost?

Rates vary according to the number of years in business, location and hundreds of other factors that the insurance companies use to determine a premium. For the lowest limits required by Georgia and assuming good credit and no accidents and violations, clients to expect to pay less than $5,000 per year.  

Why is your Credit Score so Important when it comes to Insurance Costs?

Insurance companies for years have been using the owners credit score to help determine the cost of insurance. Higher the credit score the lower the rate. Why? The insurance carriers, through years of research, have found that owners with high credit scores are less likely to have an accident. When you are less likely to file a claim the insurance carriers are more willing to compete with other insurance carriers to earn your business. The high credit scores can expect to pay thousands less than someone with less than desirable credit. 

The credit score will not affect your credit. It’s referred to as a “soft hit”, which means they pull your credit from the last time you had something affect your credit.

Other Coverage Options

General Liability
General Liability Insurance is not required by the State of Georgia, but it is a coverage you need to protect your business. General Liability will protect you from claims arising from damage you do while in the course of moving someone's belongings. 

For example, you are moving a couch into a new home and mistakenly hit a wall causing drywall damage. Under a General Liability policy the cost to repair the drywall would be covered by the insurance company. 

Loading and Unloading
This is not a coverage option, but an endorsement to the cargo liability policy. Cargo Insurance covers your customers goods while the vehicle is moving, but does not cover the goods while loading and unloading. With this endorsement added to the cargo insurance, damage to customers items would be covered while you are loading and unloading. 

Workers Compensation
If you have employees then you need to protect them in case they get injured on the job. A Workers Comp policy provides medical insurance to injured employees. 

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