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Barbee Jackson Insurance is the leading Georgia Dump Truck Insurance provider with access to four (4) of the most competitive dump truck insurance carriers. This gives more coverage options, more down payment options, and more monthly payment options. Don’t settle for anything less, work with the best at Barbee Jackson Insurance…your Dump Truck Insurance Specialists.

Why Barbee Jackson Insurance for your Dump Truck Insurance?

  1. Unbiased Choices – Access to four (4) of the most competitive Dump Truck Insurance Carriers
  2. Dedicated Agents that specializes in Dump Truck Insurance
  3. One Call can save hundreds, even thousands on you Insurance


You asked for it and we listened! Our NEW down payment option is exclusive to Barbee Jackson Insurance. We worked with our carriers and described the demands our haulers were facing in this economic state and they agreed to help by lowering the required down payment. Call today and let our Agents give you more insurance carrier options, lower monthly payments…and even LOWER DOWN PAYMENTS!

That’s why more professional Georgia Dump Truck Operators chose Barbee Jackson Insurance. Don’t settle for anything less.

Georgia Dump Truck Insurance Coverage Options

  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • $50,000 to $1 Million in Liability Coverage Options
  • Cargo Coverage
  • Uninsured Property Damage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Bodily Injury
  • Medical Payments
  • General Liability
  • Occupational Accident Insurance

Don’t settle for your local agent giving just one (1) insurance quote, instead get four (4) to ensure that you are getting the best rate with the best coverage. To many times we hear from our clients that they were told they only had one option…Progressive. That is simply not true. Most likely the agent you were speaking with only had that one option. They don’t have dedicated Agents that specialize in Dump Truck Insurance so they don’t have access to the vast amount of carriers that Barbee Jackson Insurance represents. Carriers that want to earn your business by giving lower down payments and lower monthly payment options.

DOT Filings made Easy

Depending on where you haul will depend if you need to file with the Department of Transportation (DOT). We make this process easy by determining which, if any, filings are needed to operate. If a filing is required, we can have the filing done within 24 hours. This means you get back to work sooner.

Getting Your FREE Georgia Dump Truck Insurance Quote is Easy!

Each Dump Truck Insurance policy varies greatly according to the type of dump truck and the way it is used. It is important to work with an agent that knows your needs to match your business to the right insurance carrier.

Fortunately, a Barbee Jackson Insurance agent can save you time and money by comparing options, limits, and deductibles. Do not make the mistake of thinking you have the best coverage available. Allow us a chance to show you just how affordable the comprehensive coverage that you deserve can actually be. We will give you unbiased advice with the coverage option you need.

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