Georgia Commercial Trucking Insurance

Georgia Commercial Trucking Insurance

Barbee Jackson Insurance is a leading writer of Commercial Trucking Insurance in Georgia, working with hundreds of owner operators and fleet owners to provide the coverage you need at a price that you can afford. As a licensed Georgia Insurance Agency, we work with the leading direct insurance writers and brokerage houses to get you the coverage you need fast. Our insurance agents are standing by to assist you today. Call (850) 389-2001 to speak with one of our Insurance Representatives.

How our Process Saves You Money – Truck Insurance Quote Process


Our agents will analyze your DOT Number to determine which insurance companies will be the best fit for your business.


We then submit that information to our trucking insurance carriers and compare the coverage levels and rates to find you the best deal.


Coverage for your trucking business is bound over the phone and we will issue you Certificates of Insurance within minutes of binding the insurance policy.

Insurance Coverage Options

As with most other vehicle insurance policies, a Commercial Truck Insurance policy consists of a number of coverage types. Each of these types of coverage is designed to protect your specific business as well as your personal assets from devastating loss. The coverage that your trucking company requires may include:

  • Trucking Liability Coverage – This type of insurance will protect you against auto liability risks that you will face if you or an employee of yours is involved in an accident and found to be at fault. Your liability insurance will cover bodily injury claims, providing financial support for the medical expenses of the injured party.
    In addition, your liability coverage will also include property damage incurred in the accident. If legal action is taken against you because of the accident, the liability coverage on your insurance policy will also cover the cost of your defense regardless if you are found to be at fault or not.
  • Physical Damage – This is the type of insurance that you need to pay for the damage to your own vehicle during an accident or because of another incident. Coverage will include both comprehensive damages caused by vandalism, theft, animal, or severe weather, as well as collision damage caused by an accident.
  • Underinsured or Uninsured Motorists Insurance* – If your vehicle is damaged or you sustain injuries in an accident that is caused by a party that does not have sufficient auto insurance coverage, this policy will pay for your property damage and injuries. *Please note: This coverage is state specific and can vary depending on where the vehicle(s) are registered. Please allow our educated agents to explain this valuable coverage to you.
  • Cargo Insurance - Cargo Insurance is a vital part of trucking insurance. If any cargo is damaged during transportation the cargo policy will pay for the damaged items up to policy limits and minus the deductible. Cargo limits start as low as $5,000 and can be written as high as $1 million.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you Write Standalone Cargo Insurance?

Yes, at Barbee Jackson Insurance we do offer cargo coverage as a standalone policy. We have found that many agencies can help their clients find trucking insurance, but are having a hard time placing the cargo liability. 
We have partnered with several insurance companies to find trucking our client cargo insurance at a great rate.

Which rate is Cheaper, Long haul or Short?

Hauling under a radius of 500 miles typically is less costly than over the road truckers. We can typically offer $1 million in coverage for less than $11,000 per year. This is dependent on the type of cargo hauled and the area in which you operate.
In Georgia we are finding that truckers operating in the Atlanta area will pay on average 20% more than rural areas of Georgia.

Trucking Insurance Requirements - Filings?

We recommend that all commercial vehicles in Georgia have a Form E added to their insurance even when what you are hauling doesn’t require a filing. After multiple discussions with the Georgia Department of Public Safety we have found that there is no clear explanation on who and why certain trucking operations need the Filing E.
The cost to add the Form E to the insurance is between $15-$25 per year, so we always recommend adding the filing to your insurance.

Typical cost for Georgia Commercial Trucking Insurance?

Cost Georgia trucking insurance can range as little as $5,000 and as high as $30,000 per unit depending on the type of cargo you are hauling, the radius of operation and the zip code in which you are located.
It is important that you file correctly with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on the cargo hauled and whether you are intrastate or interstate.

Know your Credit Score!

Truck drivers with higher credit scores will pay lower on their insurance. Insurance companies have found that the higher the credit score of the owners of the businesses, the less chance of a claim.

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