Georgia Builders Risk Insurance

Georgia continues to be a high growth state with tons of new construction in both commercial and residential. With new construction comes the risk that something will happen to the structure during the course of construction whether it be fire, weather, theft or vandalism. Builders Risk Insurance is a policy designed specifically for structures, both new and existing, while in the course of construction or renovation. The policy can be written to insure the contractor or the property owner. Our Expert Agents are standing by to answer all your questions and get you started today. Call (850) 389-2001

Program Eligibility

  • Residential or Commercial Insurance
  • Remodeling and Renovation Projects
  • Home builders
  • Commercial Habitational
  • Retail
  • Public Buildings
  • Hotels/Motels

Builders Risk Insurance Program Highlights

3, 6, 9, 12 or 18-Month Options

Rates Up to 30% Below Competitors

Same Day Coverage Available

Payment Installation Options

Reporting Form Available for Large Projects with a Discount

Preferred Builder Discount

Construction Materials Covered even during Transport Including Theft

24/7 Claims Service

Starting Minimum Premium $375

Residential Builders Risk Can Transform into Home Insurance

Access to 8 Different Markets

Projects up to $250 Million

Option to Renew

Premise Liability Coverage Available

Available Nationwide

Soft Costs

Now that we understand that a Builders Risk Policy is designed to cover the structure in the course of construction it is important to realize other expenses you might occur if you have a claim…Soft Cost. Soft Costs refer to expenses that are not associated with labor or material. These costs maybe items like:

Interest on Construction Loan

Real Estate and Property Tax Assessments

Accounting Fees

Loss of Rent

 New License and Permit Fees

Insurance Premiums

Architects and Engineers Fees

Marketing Expenses

Case Study

A Georgia General Contractor is building a new apartment complex and purchases a builders risk insurance policy. Just a few days before the project was to be completed a tornado causes significant damage to the complex that must be fixed and this causes a delay in the opening. If the agent made the proper endorsements to the policy to include soft costs, item like Advertising Fees Announcing the New Opening Date, Re-inspection Fees, Promotional Items, and Additional Interest on Loan would be covered. The small cost of adding this coverage saved the client thousands of out-of-pocket dollars.

Premises Liability Insurance

It is important to point out that only the structure and some soft costs are covered on a Builders Risk Insurance Policy. In the event of a slip and fall on the construction site you would need an addition policy referred to as a Premise Liability. Premises Liability workers like General Liability Insurance by covering injuries, due to owner negligence, that happen on the job site. It is important to note that this coverage is not intended for the construction workers, that coverage would be Workers Compensation and is purchased by the owner of the business.

What Barbee Jackson Insurance

It is important to work with an insurance agency that doesn’t write just one or two Builders Risk Policies per year. At Barbee Jackson Insurance we work with hundreds of builders and property owners to custom design policies to meet their needs. We have partnered with the best insurance carriers to design a program built around the needs of Georgia builder and property owner, call us today to get started (850) 389-2001

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