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I does not make a difference if you are an entrepreneur with a single owner small business with no employees or if you are in charge of a large corporation with hundreds of employees, the experts at Barbee Jackson Insurance are here to help you find the right price with the right coverage for you. This means finding a general liability insurance policy that is specifically tailored to meet your unique needs.

The agents at Barbee Jackson Insurance will provide you with the assistance you need in order to make the most informed decision regarding general liability insurance for your business. You get the benefit of our unbiased advice with the expertise to match you with the right general liability insurance provider.

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  • Restaurant Owners
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Air Conditioning Contractors
  • Insurance for a specific Premises
  • Liability Insurance for Truckers
  • Liability Insurance for Fleet Operators
  • Landscapers
  • Liability Insurance for Convenient Stores
  • Pollution Liability
  • Liability Insurance for loading and unloading cargo

What Will Your General Liability Insurance Policy Cover?

As with many other general liability insurance policies, a commercial general liability insurance policy consists of a number of coverage types. Each of these coverages’ is designed to protect your specific business as well as your personal assets from devastating loss. Some specific coverage that you can add to your general liability insurance policy may include:

  • Slip and Fall Liability – This type of insurance is meant to protect your small business from a lawsuit resulting from a slip or fall. If you own a chain of convenience stores or your own a dental practice you will both need slip and fall liability. Any time you own a commercial space that allows your customers on to your property you are exposed to a liability claim. Many customers fail to see the value in slip and fall liability. This results in numerous lawsuits and payouts because of inadequate coverage. Slip and fall liability is the best way to protect your business from the cost of the medical care of someone that is hurt while visiting your commercial property.
  • Property Damage Liability – This type of insurance protects you in the event that the property of another is damaged while it is in your care custody or control. This can be extremely useful for those businesses that rent space from a landlord. Any time a business rents commercial space there exists the possibility of damaging that space. One kind of property damage liability will actually pay to repair or replace a building that is damaged as a result of a restaurant fire or water damage from the tenant. This type of coverage is also extremely important for those that transport, store, or work on the property of others. Just as you would not ship an expensive package without purchasing insurance you should never be in possession of the valuable goods of another without owning property damage liability insurance.
  • Products and Completed Operations Liability – This coverage is specifically designed for manufacturers and contractors. If you manufacture a product and then later someone is hurt or their property is damaged as a result of a faulty product your company could be held liable. If you do not have this coverage you will be stuck paying that bill. A contractor is many times tasked with hanging signs, erecting buildings, and etc. The liability exposure of these kinds of contractors does not end when the project is over. If the sign falls or if the building collapses a week after the contractor leaves there could still be a liability exposure. If it is deemed that the sign fell or the building collapsed because of bad work by the contractor Products and Completed Operations Liability would be needed in order to protect you from those expenses.
  • Personal and Advertising Injury – In the course of doing business most of us are focused on beating the competition. Competitiveness is a great quality for a business owner. However, sometimes competitiveness can cross over into slander. That is why it is a good idea to have personal and advertising injury coverage as part of your insurance portfolio. If it is proven that you have slandered your competition (Even if that is not what you set out to do) you will need this coverage to protect you from those expenses.

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