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Barbee Jackson Insurance is the leading provider of Garage Liability Insurance in the Fort Walton Beach, FL area. We working with the best Garage Liability Insurance carriers to provide our Dealerships and Garages the coverage choices they need at a price they can afford. We take the guess work out of finding the best rate by shopping ALL the leading Garage Liability Insurance carriers to get you the BEST price the first time.

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Ft. Walton Beach Dealership & Garage Liability Insurance Eligibility

  • Used Car Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Experienced and New Ventures Dealerships that primarily sell used cars
  • New Car Dealership | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships that specialize in New Auto Sales and Service
  • Repair Shops
    All types of repair shops including Collision Centers
  • Wholesale Dealerships
    For dealers who specialize in wholesaling autos
  • Marine Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships who primarily sell and service watercrafts
  • Service Operations
    Detail shops, car washes, oil & lube, and tire centers
  • Farm Equipment Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Franchised and Non-Franchised Dealerships that primarily sell Farm & Construction Equipment
  • Powersport Dealerships | Sales & Service
    Franchised & Non-Franchised Dealerships that sell recreational vehicles and watercrafts

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Program Highlights and Optional Coverages’

  • Garage Liability Insurance
    Garage Liability Insurance on the Garage Form covers two types of liability “Auto Liability” and “Other Than Covered Autos Liability” Auto Liability covers auto exposure for bodily injury and property damage while driving. Other Than Covered Autos provides liability insurance for the dealer lot.
  • Surety Bond (Also referred to as a Dealer Bond)
    Bond designed to protect customers and the State of Florida against a dealership committing fraud
  • Dealer Open Lot (DOL)
    Physical Damage coverage for both new and used inventory
  • Garagekeepers
    Protect customers auto/boat/etc. while you’re in care, custody, and control
  • Workers Compensation
    Wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured on the job
  • False Pretense Coverage
    Protects against losses due to voluntarily parting with a vehicle if induced to do so by any fraudulent act, scheme, trick, or purchasing the auto/boat/etc. from a seller who did not have legal right to sell
  • Diminished Value Coverage
    Allows you to recover the diminished value of a car/boat/etc. after a covered loss
  • Employment Practices Liability
    Protection against wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Errors & Omissions
    Protects your business from claims caused by negligent acts, errors, or omissions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an employee that has a “Not so perfect driving record”, do I have to put him on the policy as a driver?

Yes, all drivers for the dealerships vehicles must be disclosed on the policy. If the driver with the “not so perfect driving record” gets into an accident and he/she was not disclosed on the policy, the insurance company has the right not to pay the claim and cancel the policy for a “substantial change in risk”. However, some carriers will allow us to exclude the individual while driving, but still cover them as a sales or repair person.

A tree fell on my lot damaging three vehicles. Do I have to pay the deductible per vehicle or is it per occurrence?

Depending on the type of policy you bought would determine if you have to pay a per vehicle deductible or a lot maximum deductible. The standard deductible for Dealer Open Lot is $1,000 deductible per vehicle, but some policies contain a maximum deductible per lot which can be $5,000 to $10,000. The advantage of the maximum per lot deductible is in the case of a large loss of inventory you would only have to pay a single deductible instead of a deductible per vehicle.

I have a driver licensed in Ohio and am starting a new dealership in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Do they have to get a Florida driver license?

In most cases Yes. Most of the Garage Liability Insurance providers require you to be licensed in the state where your dealership is located. In some cases, the insurance company will allow you to hold an out-of-state driver license if your license is located in a neighboring state.

I’m a new venture opening a dealership in Ft. Walton Beach Florida, what’s the state minimum to satisfy the State of Florida?

The State of Florida requires new and used car dealers to have at minimum $25,000 of Garage Liability Insurance and $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection Coverage.

My current agent said Garagekeepers insurance will cover my dealership inventory. Is that correct?

No. GarageKeepers Insurance covers vehicles in your care, custody, and control. It is meant for non-owned vehicles. The coverage you need to cover your inventory is Dealer’s Open Lot. Dealer Open Lot covers owned vehicles for physical damage.

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