Florida Tree Trimming Insurance

Living in the tropical climate of Florida provides ample amount of work for Tree Trimmers to make money, but without the right insurance it can cost you valuable jobs and opens you to lawsuits if something goes wrong. That’s where we step in to make sure that you are getting the right coverage for the best price.

As an independent insurance agency we work with a large network of insurance carriers that specialize in providing coverage for tree trimming, tree removal and tree care. We are able to quote all the leading companies to find you coverage in less than 10 minutes.

How are Insurance Rates Determined

  • Zip Code
  • Employee Payroll
  • Subcontracting Costs
  • Number of Employees

Classes of Businesses we Insure

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Landscaping and Tree Work
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Care
  • Palm Tree Trimming
  • Log Operations
  • Utility Lines Clearing

Florida Tree Services Insurance Coverage Options

Commercial General Liability

The most important coverage for any Tree Business is General Liability Insurance (CGL). This prevents the owner from financial loss due to a covered loss. Types of losses we frequently see in this business are trees falling on homes, cars and people. All of these losses would be covered under the policy terms and conditions.

It is important to have the correct insurance limits. Coverage limits start as low as $100,000 per occurrence, but higher limits of $1 Million are available and encouraged if you want to do any commercial work.

Commercial Auto Insurance

We are able to provide insurance coverage for a vast number of different vehicle types. Insurance liability limits start as low as $50,000 and can go to $1,000,000. Unlike personal auto insurance, limits of liability are usually quoted using Combined Single Limits (CSL). CSL means that the property damage and bodily injury are combined under a single limit instead of two limits.

  • Bucket Trucks
  • Chipper Trucks
  • Forestry BucketTrucks 
  • Grapple Trucks
  • Boom Trucks
  • Pickups 
  • Hooklift Trucks
  • Landscaping Trucks
  • Digger Derricks
  • Knuckle Boom Cranes

Inland Marine Floater/Equipment Floater/Tool and Equipment

If you are in the tree removal and trimming business you most likely have or will need specialized equipment to make your job easier. Some of this equipment costs thousands of dollars and without the proper coverage you could be left holding the bill if a loss occurs to the equipment.

On an Inland Marine policy you could schedule Skid Steers, Mulchers, Stump Grinders, Log Splitters, Wood Chippers etc. to protect against losses. A few hundreds of dollars a year policy could save you thousands.

Workers Compensation Insurance

The State of Florida requires all contractors to carry Workers Comp Insurance. This coverage protects your employees that are injured on the job. Unlike General Liability the workers comp insurance rates are set by the State of Florida, so insurance companies have no influence on price.

As of March 2022 the set rate for: Tree Pruning, Spraying, Repair Trimming or Removal is $9.01 per $100 in payroll. That means if your business has $100,000 in payroll expense you would expect to pay $9,010 ($100,000/100 * 9.01) before any experience modifications are applied.

Commercial Umbrella Policy

Some larger jobs will want you to have an additional layer of protection in the form of an umbrella policy. Umbrella Insurance is excess insurance over the limits of the General Liability and Commercial Auto.

If you had a claim that hit the maximum limit of either your General Liability or Commercial Auto this policy would pay the overage amount up to the umbrellas policy limits.

We Save you Time and Money!

Getting an insurance quote is fast and easy. Just have your basic business information ready along with the payroll amount for the employees. After that we will be able to put that information in our rater and get you 10+ insurance quotes in less than 10 minutes. Call today to get started (850) 389-2001

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