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As one of the hottest states in the country, a pool is almost a necessity to survive the summer heat. In addition, Florida is one of the fastest growing states, with new homes being built every where we turn. That puts Florida Residential Pool Contractors in high demand. It is important that you have an insurance agent that can keep up with your business. At Barbee Jackson Insurance our agents have over 40 years’ experience working with contractors.


  • New and Existing Ventures
  • Swimming Pool Service
  • Swimming Pool Construction

Florida Residential Pool Contractors have needs very specific to their line of work. Whether it is the tools and equipment used to install or repair a pool or the liability extra liability exposure presented, it is important that you have a policy that is customized to meet your needs. Some of the coverages that will need to be discussed and tailored to the operations are discussed below.

  • General Liability: Provides coverage and protection for damages to others. This is for bother property damage and bodily injury.
  • Commercial Auto/Fleet Insurance: Coverages for liability (both bodily injury and property damage), physical damage (comprehensive and collision), loss of use (substitute vehicle in the event of a covered loss), towing & labor, hired and non-owned auto coverage, as well as many other specific coverage options specifically designed to protect your business.
  • Equipment Floater/Inland Marine: Whether it is tools or equipment or a $100,000 piece of equipment, this coverage will provide protection from loss.
  • Commercial Property: Whether it is the building you own that contains your business or just the contents inside a building you lease, we can provide coverage to replace these items in the event of a loss.
  • Commercial Umbrella: Provides an extra amount of liability protection over all of the underlying coverages. For example, an extra $1,000,000 in liability on top of the underlying general liability, auto liability, and other optional coverages that it can go over.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Coverage to protect your employees who may be injured on the job site or during the course of the work day.
    Bid, Performance, and/or Payment Bonds: A very important requirement for Florida Residential Pool Contractors to obtain jobs and protect through the project until completion. It may not be required at all or just one of the above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quickly can I get a certificate of insurance?

A: Within five minutes during normal business hours! We understand that without a certificate of insurance you can’t get on a job site, or worse yet, paid for a completed project. We have an inbox that goes to every member of our organization and as soon as a certificate comes in, it is handled before anything else. If it is after business hours or on a weekend, we still monitor the inbox and will respond as quickly as possible.

Q: If I have a claim, who do I call?

A: Our office. We want to help you through the whole process. Call our office as soon as safely possible and we will help you get the claim reported and provide help and information regarding the next steps.

Q: I have quite a lot of equipment, is it covered?

A: Not automatically but it can bee added. Often this coverage is not very expensive but can provide a very comprehensive option to protect your assets. It will be important to compile a list of the equipment and their values to begin putting a quote together. There is also an option for a blanket coverage for small tools and equipment to make sure they are protected as well.

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