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  • Year, Make and Model of Home
  • Desired Coverage Amount - If you don’t know the value, we can use our replacement cost estimator to determine the value

Coverage Limits and Options

Coverage options are very similar to a regular homeowner’s insurance policy.

Dwelling: Provides coverage for the main structure of the home from damage. The policy should provide Special or All Risk Coverage. This means, that unless specifically excluded in the policy, it will provide coverage.

Attached Structures: Provides coverage for structures such as a deck or porch that is permanently attached to the home.

Other Structures: This would provide coverage for the structures on the property not permanently attached to the home. This could pool house, guest house, barn, boat house, and/ or detached garage as well as many other structures on the property. Anything on the property not permanently attached should be discussed with the agent to insure proper coverage.

Personal Property: This will provide protection for all the goods and personal belongings inside the home. This coverage should be done on a replacement cost coverage, meaning the cost to purchase the items brand new. It is important to note that all policies will have limitations, or max amounts, for certain items in the event of theft. Items such as jewelry, art, guns, etc. We recommend purchasing a separate policy called an inland marine or jewelry floater as discussed on another page.

Loss of Use: In the event the home is deemed unlivable because of a covered loss, this will provide coverage to stay in a temporary location while the repairs are made. This coverage is very important with High Value Homes because of the cost associated (i.e. mortgage, HOA dues, utilities, etc.), eliminating the concern for the additional cost of temporary housing.

Personal Liability: Most often people associate this coverage with slip and fall coverage, and although it does cover that, it also may include Personal Liability. This is coverage for claims such as libel and slander which follow the insured everywhere.

Medical Payments: Provides coverage for someone getting hurt on the premises by no fault or negligence of the insured. For example, a friend comes over to visit and falls twisting their ankle. The reason they fell was because they tripped over their own untied shoelaces. Although this was by no fault of your own, but occurred on your property, medical payments will offer coverage.

Understand your Hurricane Deductible

Mobile home insurance in Florida is much different than other states. Homes here in Florida have a separate Hurricane Deductible that is represented as a percentage, instead of a flat dollar amount. The most common deductible is 2% of the value of the home. If you are insuring the manufactured home for $100,000, the hurricane deductible would be $2,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rates Higher for Mobile & Manufactured Homes than Site Built?

Yes, typically rates will be double the cost of a newly constructed site built home. A rate for a new mobile home in Florida would be $1,000 for $50,000 in coverage. It is important to remember rates vary depending on your zip code and year built.

Do I need to Buy Flood Insurance?

It is highly recommended to always buy Flood Insurance, even if you’re not in a flood zone. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen large storm systems cause major flooding in areas that hasn’t seen floods in the past 50+ years. The cost of Flood Insurance is as low as $425 per year, making it a very affordable coverage option.

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