Florida Commercial Trucking Insurance

Needing the best rate for your semi-truck or commercial truck? Barbee Jackson Insurance is Florida’s leading commercial trucking insurance carrier. We have partnered with the best trucking insurance companies to provide our clients the coverage they need, at a price they can afford. Our insurance agents are standing by to answer all your questions and to get you an insurance quote fast. Call today to get started (850) 389-2001

Florida Coverage Options

  • Physical Damage
  • Liability Limits up to $1 Million
  • Cargo Insurance
  • General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial Umbrella up to $5 Million
  • Bobtail Insurance

Types of Commercial Vehicles we Insure

Tow Trucks
Log Trucks

Straight Trucks
Household Movers
Cement Trucks

Dump Trucks
Refrigerated Trailers
Waste Haulers

What we need to provide you a Florida Commercial Truck Insurance Quote

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Number
  • Tractor and Trailer Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Year, Make and Model
  • Commodities Hauled
  • Driver and Owner – Name, Date of Birth, Driver License Number
  • Request limits on liability, physical damage and cargo coverage

Once we receive all the information required above we will determine the amount of insurance coverage needed, look for any trucking accidents on all the truck drivers, run the driving record and determine which commercial trucking insurance company has the best rate.

What Will Your Trucking Insurance Policy Cover?

As with most other vehicle insurance policies, a trucking and transportation policy consists of several coverage types. Each of these types of coverage is designed to protect your specific business as well as your personal assets from devastating loss. The coverage that your trucking company requires may include:

  • Primary Liability Coverage – This type of insurance will protect you against liability risks that you will face if you, or an employee of yours, is involved in an accident and found to be at fault. Your liability insurance will cover bodily injury claims, providing financial support for the medical expenses of the injured party. In addition, your liability coverage will also include property damage incurred in the accident. If legal action is taken out against you because of the accident, your liability insurance will also cover the cost of your defense regardless if you are found to be at fault or not.
  • Physical Damage – This is the portion of your Commercial Trucking Insurance policy that you need to pay for the damage to your own vehicle during an accident or because of another incident. Coverage can include both comprehensive damage caused by vandalism, theft, animals, or severe weather, as well as collision damage caused by an accident.
  • Underinsured or Uninsured Motorists Insurance* – If your vehicle is damaged or you sustain injuries in an accident that is caused by a party that does not have sufficient auto insurance coverage, this policy will pay for your injuries. In Florida, uninsured motorists will pay for medical coverage only and not property damage. *Please Note: This coverage is state specific and can vary depending on where the vehicle(s) are registered.
  • Cargo Coverage – If the items being hauled by your truck are damaged or lost during transport, you will need this type of insurance to cover the incident.

Frequently Asked Questions

What limit of insurance is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT)?

Weight Class of RigFlorida DOT Requirement
44,000lbs or more$300,000
35,000lbs to under 45,000lbs$100,000
Great than 26,000 but less than 35,000lbs$50,000
Vehicles less than 26,000lbsState Minimum

Please note, these required limits are for only intrastate hauling only. If you cross state lines, then you are required to carry $750,000 of trucking liability insurance.

Can you provide insurance for 1st or 2nd year Commercial Driver License (CDL)?

If you are a newly licensed 1st or 2nd year CDL your insurance options are very limited. The majority of Florida Trucking Insurance Carriers require two (2) or more years licensed as a CDL.

Can Owner Operators add more than one (1) rig?

Depending on the carrier you can add more than one (1) rig in any policy period. Trucking insurance carriers want you to grow your business, but they want the growth controlled. If you grow too fast the insurance carrier becomes concerned that you don’t have the proper controls in place to prevent accidents.

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