Commercial Trucking Insurance

“I love paying too much for insurance,” said no one…ever

Having Trouble finding Affordable Insurance for your Commercial Truck ? Even Worse, finding an Insurance Agency that Understands your Business…

Here’s the secret, you have just been calling the wrong Insurance Agency

Everyday we get calls from businesses like yours frustrated over the high price and the lack of response from “other” insurance agents.

You’re not the only business owner feeling annoyed

You want fast services under 48 hours…many times we can bind instantly!

You want to want to work with someone that understands what type of insurance you need

Your time is extremely valuable, so you don’t want to call around to 10 different places repeating the same information 10 times

You want one Insurance Agency that can compare all the rates from the leading Commercial Trucking Insurance Companies

The Good News is what you are looking for does exist…

An Insurance Agency that can shop ALL the Insurance carriers

An Insurance Agency that will call you back within 24 hours

One Agency that won’t waste your time calling around agency to agency

We are the answer to all your problems. One place that you can trust to find the coverage you need for your business at the lowest possible price without wasting your time. An Insurance Agency that has a staff that is dedicated to working only with Commercial Trucking Business Owners

Not very many insurance agencies specialize in Semi-Truck Insurance. The fact is other agencies don’t have the knowledge or contacts to secure their clients the right coverage at the best price.

That’s why we developed a platform that will shop all the leading insurance providers and get you coverage in less than 24 hours.

After years of working with thousands of Truck Operators across the US one question kept getting repeated,

“Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?”

“Why didn’t I find you guys earlier!”

What it means to work with True Experts in all things Trucking is fast reliable service. We ask you the right questions to find the coverage that works best for your business. With a streamlined process that focuses on your business means less time shopping around and more time running your business.

100% online so you can focus on running your business, not wasting time driving in traffic to speak to an Agent in-person

Monthly payment options means you can continue to invest in your business by providing you some free cash flow

Dedicated account specialist that will assist you with all your insurance needs

Automated Renewal Processing so you don’t have to worry if you are getting the best price for your insurance.

If you have time for a cup of coffee

You have time to get a quote…

After clicking the “Get Your Free Quote” button you will be redirected to a contact form. A specialist will then contact you within 3 minutes to go over the application.

The specialist will then send the application to ALL the insurance carriers that Commercial Trucking Insurance.

Within 48 hours of the application being submitted the insurance carriers will return their best price. We then tell you who has the best coverage for the best price!

Want faster service? Call (850) 389-2001 and immediately talk to an Agent.

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