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As truckers you provide families of this nation with the food and supplies needed to keep us in business every day. At Barbee Jackson Insurance we understand Motor Truck Cargo insurance and we know it is an important part of your insurance package. You are responsible for your load when it is in your care, custody, and control. Having the appropriate coverage in place is vital when it comes to your cargo. It is important to us that our operators have a solid Motor Truck Cargo policy at an affordable price.

Motor Truck Cargo carriers face several risks when it comes to operating their trucks. Anything can happen on the roadway. Collision accidents, roll over accidents, fire, etc. can all lead to a large loss of cargo. These hazards plague truckers in every state. However, Florida has a few extreme hazards that are unique to truckers that haul in the South. Refrigerated Freight can be a very vulnerable commodity in any circumstances. When you are hauling Motor Truck Cargo in Florida in the summer time the vulnerability can increase exponentially. In the extreme heat it is not uncommon for a refrigerated trailer to suffer engine trouble. Once the reefer goes down it can be a matter of a couple of hours before the load spoils in some cases. Having the appropriate a Motor Truck Cargo Coverage is extremely important. Barbee Jackson Insurance aim to provide you with a solid Motor Truck Cargo policy that can offer you the protection you need at an affordable price.

Coverage Options for Motor Truck Cargo

Almost all Motor Truck Cargo Policies aim to provide general coverage for the cargo you carry. You (The Customer) decide on a limit of insurance that is appropriate for the loads that you are carrying. Once that limit is decided a deductible is set. That is the basic Motor Truck Cargo form. However, there are many different coverage options that depend on the type of cargo you carry. I have listed some of these coverage options below.

  • Average Coverage Limits and Deductibles – The most common Motor Truck Cargo Limit is $100,000. The most common deductible is $1,000. The most common Reefer deductible is $2,500. There are no set rules or regulations in Florida about the limit of cargo insurance that you carry. Most often the limit of your cargo coverage is decided by your customers.
  • Dry Freight Coverage – This coverage is very straight forward. In an event that your cargo is lost due to a covered accident the insurance company will usually pay you for the full value of the load minus your deductible (usually $1000).
  • Refrigerated Goods Coverage – Hauling refrigerated goods in Florida adds an additional level of risk when it comes to Florida Motor Truck Cargo insurance. A fully loaded Reefer Trailer can carry a large amount of product. On any given day there can be thousands of dollars of cargo loaded in a reefer trailer. One of the most common perils to strike a refrigerated trailer is breakdown of the refrigeration unit (Reefer Breakdown). There is a specific endorsement that is needed when you carry refrigerated goods. The endorsement adds Reefer Breakdown coverage to your Motor Truck Cargo policy. The Reefer Breakdown peril usually carries a different (Usually Higher) deductible. The most common Reefer Breakdown deductible in Florida is $2,500. If you are carrying Refrigerated Goods, it is vital that you discuss Reefer Breakdown with your agent.
  • Specialized Commodities – Most commodities are covered by the general Motor Truck Cargo policy form. There are a few commodities though that require special attention. Sometimes these commodities are included on a base policy and sometimes they are not. If you haul one of the commodities listed below it is very important that you discuss it with your agent in detail prior to obtaining a policy. This ensures that we can add the appropriate endorsements to your Motor Truck Cargo Policy.
    • Fresh Shellfish (Oysters, Clams, Mussels, etc.)
    • Alcohol (Beer, Wine, or Liquor)
    • Livestock (Cattle, Horses, Goats, Etc.)
    • Oversized Loads (Mobile Homes, Large Equipment, Building Materials)
    • Hazardous Materials (Fuel, Certain Fertilizer, Flammable Liquids, Etc.)
    • Coiled Steel (Large rolls of coiled steel, aluminum, or etc.)
    • Recycled Goods (Recycled Metal)
    • Medicine (Pharmaceuticals)

*Please note: These are just examples of commodities that we know require special attention. There are thousands of cargo types. It is important that you are as specific as you can be during your quote interview so that we can make sure you are covered for all the products that you haul.

In addition to the types of transportation insurance listed above, there are many other coverage options that you may want to consider including in your policy. Your Barbee Jackson Insurance agent will help you structure your trucking insurance policy in a way that addresses your specific concerns.

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