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Bobtail Insurance Program Highlights

  • Low Down Payment
  • Monthly Billing Options
  • Liability Limits up to $1 Million Dollars
  • Physical Damage Coverage
  • Fast Certificate of Insurance
  • New Ventures Accepted

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More on Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail Insurance is requested by large trucking companies quite often when they hire a driver that owns his/her own truck. In the trucking industry when a tractor is unhooked from a trailer but still has to operate on the highway it is referred to as Bobtailing. Many of the larger trucking companies like their owner operators to have their own insurance in this situation. A Bobtail Insurance Policy usually consists of commercial auto liability insurance, physical damage insurance, and some form of medical coverage for the driver of the truck.

What makes a Bobtail Insurance Policy unique is the fact that the liability only pays out when you are unhooked from a trailer. With a true Bobtail Policy it does not matter if you are under dispatch or not. If you are Bobtailing and you get into an accident your Bobtail Liability Insurance will pay out. This coverage is designed to protect you when you are traveling from your home to your first load, on the weekends for personal use, and any other situation where you find yourself Bobtailing the truck. Often a trucker will need to drop a trailer in one location and Bobtail to the next location. This policy would cover you in such a situation. It is very important that you discuss your exact situation with your agent so a decision can be made to determine if Bobtail Liability Insurance is the best product for the situation.


What is the difference between Bobtail Liability Insurance and Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

It is extremely important to know the difference between a Bobtail Liability Insurance Policy and a Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Policy. You need to understand this distinction in order to make sure you choose the correct product to meet your needs. A Non-Trucking Liability Policy is an insurance policy that provides liability coverage for your tractor when it is OFF THE CLOCK. Some companies require you to be OFF THE CLOCK and UNHOOKED FROM A TRAILER in order for the Non-Trucking Liability Policy to pay out. Any time you are UNDER DISPATCH you are considered ON THE CLOCK. If you are dispatched from your home to go pick up a trailer you will most likely be Bobtailing on your way to pick up the trailer. Even though you do not have a trailer hooked to your truck at this time you are still considered ON THE CLOCK because you have been DISPATCHED from your home. In this scenario if you were to be involved in an accident it would be the responsibility of your Parent Company’s Insurance Policy to pay for any damages or injuries that you may cause. This is because you are ON THE CLOCK. A Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Policy would not pay out in this scenario.

How do I know if I need a Bobtail Liability Insurance Policy or a Non-Trucking Liability Insurance Policy.

This is usually determined by your parent company. While running under the parent company’s authority you are subject to the coverage limitations of the commercial auto liability policy for your parent company. It is important for you to communicate with the parent company to find out what the limitations of their insurance may be. Your parent company should know the distinction between a Non-Trucking Liability Policy and a Bobtail Liability Insurance Policy. If the insurance policy for your parent company is going to cover you ANY TIME YOU ARE UNDER DISPATCH then you should only need a Non-Trucking Liability Insurance policy. However, if your parent company informs you that you are responsible for the commercial auto liability any time you are Bobtailing regardless of being under dispatch then you need a True Bobtail policy.

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