Boat Detailing Insurance

Boat detailers need a variety of different types of coverages to protect their business from unforeseen losses. This could be as simple as a General Liability Insurance policy to more custom coverages such as coverage for Tools and Business Equipment, Workers Compensation, Marine Operators Legal Liability.

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Insurance Coverage Options

General Liability Insurance

The most basic coverage for any business owner is General Liability Insurance. It protects the business from losses such as a slip and fall. If you are going to do any type of work at marinas they will require you to carry General Liability Insurance equal to the Marina’s policy limits. Their policy limits in most cases are $1 Million so you would have to carry limits of liability equal to theirs at $1 Million.

Tools and Equipment

The General Liability policy covers slips and falls to others and provides no coverage for your equipment and tools. Let’s face it…anything classified as “Marine” is expensive and you’ll want to make sure in the event you drop the tools or even worse “tools” in the water that the insurance company will reimburse you for the cost.

Workers Compensation

Working on boats is dangerous. Surfaces are wet, sharp objects and heavy equipment. To protect you and your employees when an accident occurs you need Workers Compensation Insurance. Workers Compensation provides medical coverage for accidents that occur in the course of doing work, disability benefits, lost wages and a host of other benefits are available depending on the state you work in.

Marine Operators Legal Liability

Damages to a boat that you are working on may happen. Such as a scratch on the hull or even worse damages to an expensive piece of marine equipment belonging to the boat. General Liability Insurance does not provide coverage for this, but Marine Operators Legal Liability or MOLL does provide coverage.

Marine Operators Legal Liability Insurance provides coverage while you are in care, custody and control of the boat. Coverage options start as little as $10,000 and go into the millions.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Many times when you are working in mid or large size marinas they will require you to carry Commercial Auto Insurance in order to drive on their grounds. The basic coverage is called Combined Single Limits (CSL) which combines bodily injury and property damage on one coverage line.

Other options are Comp and Collision. In addition we have boat cleaning businesses with custom wraps on their trucks. These wraps are very expensive to be replaced and you will need to have a special endorsement added to the policy to provide protection.

Getting a customized policy for your Marine Artisans Boat Detailer Business has never been easier. We have agents ready to help you get the right coverage at the best price.

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