Arkansas Party Bus Insurance

Whether you have been in business for twenty years or are just getting started, Barbee Jackson Insurance can help you with your Arkansas Party Bus Insurance Needs!

Coverage Options

–Auto Liability: This is an especially important coverage to protect the business. In the event of an at fault accident this will pay out to bodily injury and property damage of others. Coverage minimums for the state are $25,000 and may increase depending on vehicle size and operations.

–Physical Damage: This coverage will protect the insured vehicles in the event of damage. Whether an act of nature or collision, it will repair or pay out for a total loss of a vehicle. Although optional, most vehicles covered under a party bus policy are of higher value and would benefit greatly from this coverage. Under the physical damage coverage, we can also include extra protection for customizations and conversions. We have insured everything from fire trucks to school buses that have been converted to party buses. This is very important when insuring party buses that are often loaded with expensive aftermarket customizations.

–Workers Compensation: Will cover employees, including drivers, who may be injured during work. Another coverage that may not be required depending on the number of employees, is important to protect the business. Just because a business is not required to carry the coverage, does not mean it is exempt from the liability of it.

-Liability Insurance: This is to protect the business from other liability exposures presented by dealing with customers. For example, a customer may trip and fall around the bus. It also provides Personal and Advertising Injury which can protect from libel, slander, and false advertisement.

We can tailor all or some of the insurance coverage above to meet the needs of party buses, charter and tour bus, and airport transportation companies needs. Since not all businesses are the same, the insurance needs are not either. In many cases charter buses will travel across state lines and require federal filings and $5,000,000 in liability coverage. Alternatively, a party bus will often stay in a local radius and carry lower coverage. In some cases, a state or municipality will require a filing.

Risk Management

When it comes to the transportation industry, our knowledgeable agents can help with more than just insurance. We can help identify ways to not only mitigate claims, but that will also help with cost savings. Many business owners are not aware of the major impact drivers have on their policy. From age to driving record, as well as driver turnover, these things can change both the current price and future premiums. We can help by reviewing driving records prior to hiring and help estimate the cost and impact from that driver. All we need is the drivers licenses of prospective hires to assist with this process!

Other ways to mitigate risk is through the equipment. Staying on top of maintenance is especially important. This can help prevent claims and avoid DOT violations, both of which will help bring down insurance costs. Age of equipment is another cost saving tool. Many carriers offer a discount and others will not quote unless the equipment is less than a certain age.

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