Arkansas Garage Liability Insurance

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Why Thousands of Businesses like Yours Choose Us?

  • Agents that are dedicated Garage Liability Specialists
  • More insurance carriers that write Garages and Dealerships
  • We work with new ventures and established businesses
  • Super low monthly payments

What Type of Garage Business do we Insure?

  •  New and Used Auto Dealers
  • Repair Shops
  • Marine Sales & Service
  • Semi-Truck Sales & Service
  • Construction & Farm Equipment
  • Mobile Detailers
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Service Operations
  • Car Washes

Motor Vehicle Dealership Coverage Options

  • Garage Liability
    Garage Liability Coverage covers two types of liability, “Garage Operations” and “Other Than Covered Autos”. Garage Operations covers auto exposure for bodily injury and property damage while Other Than Covered Autos provides liability insurance for the dealer lot. It provides coverage for business uses of the vehicles such as test drives and to/from auction. It has some of the same feature of General Liability, but not as broad of a coverage level.
  • Surety Bond – Arkansas $25,000
    Bond that is designed to protect customers and the state against a dealership committing fraud
  • Blanket Dealers Open Lot up to $20 Million Dollars
    Inventory coverage for both new and used inventory for fire, theft, wind and hail.
  • Garage Keepers Coverage
    Protects customer’s vehicles when you are in care, custody and control. This coverage option is for dealerships that also have a repair and service department. This does not cover vehicles for physical damage that are owned by the dealership and meant for resale. Please refer back to Dealer Open Lot.
  • Business Auto
    Liability and/or physical damage for vehicles owned by the business.
  • Business Interruption
    Protects your business from loss of income in the event your business is closed due to a covered loss. The covered loss has to be a result of direct physical damage to a covered structure on the lot.
  • Workers Compensation
    Wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured on the job
  • Errors and Omissions
    Protects your business from claims caused by negligent acts, errors, or omissions
  • False Pretense Coverage
    Protects against losses due to voluntarily parting with a vehicle If induced to do so by any fraudulent act, scheme, trick, or purchasing the auto/boat/ATV/etc. from a seller who did not have legal right to sell
  • Diminished Value Coverage
    Allows you to recover the diminished value of a car/boat/ATV/etc. after a covered loss
  • Employment Practices Liability
    Protection against wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.
  • Employee Benefits Liability
    Coverage against damages caused by your business negligent handling of your employee benefits program

More on Garage Keepers Insurance

Garage Keepers Insurance is designed for repair shops or dealerships that have a service department. The coverage is purchased at a set amount as low as $10,000 and up to $1,000,000 depending on the number of vehicles you have at any one time. The coverage will have a maximum amount any one vehicle and a lot limit. For example, you could have a max any one unit at $10,000 and a lot limit of $80,000. Meaning the policy will pay at $10,000 on each vehicle with a total lot loss of $80,000.

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