Why Now is the Right Time to Secure Life Insurance…

Why Now is the Right Time to Secure Life Insurance…

May 12, 2021

If you found this page you’ve made the decision that Life Insurance is important in securing your Family’s Financial Future.

Maybe you're newly married
Maybe you’re a proud new mother or father
Maybe you purchased a home
Maybe you want to pass down wealth to your family
Maybe you decided that now is the time to financially secure your loved ones

Whatever the reason is I’m here to help you secure your Family’s Financial Future. Life Insurance is a personal matter between your family and your advisor. Buying the right amount of coverage and keeping it within your budget is not only my goal, but my promise to you.

So, what type of Life Insurance product is best for your family…term, whole, universal? For the money…hands down Term Life Insurance is the best choice. No product in the market buys you more Protection with the least amount of cost.

A 40-year-old man in good health can secure a $500,000, 30-year term policy for only $67 per month. That is only $2.23 per day…less than a cup of coffee.

How does a Term Insurance Policy Work?

You select a term that best fits what you are trying to protect. Term periods are 10 years, 20 year or 30 years. If you were to buy a 10 Year Term Policy, then you would pay premiums that are guaranteed to never increase for the next 10 years. At the end of the policy period (10 years in this case) the policy would expire, or you have the option to keep paying the policy premiums, but not at the guaranteed rate.

This is why it is important to choose the right term period. You want to lockdown a guaranteed rate for the right period of time.

How the Process Works

After we go through your goals, we work out the right amount of insurance coverage and choose the term period best for you. From there I price out different insurance carriers to get the best price. It’s that easy.

If you’re ready to get started I’m just a phone call away. I know during this period of time social distancing is a top priority and we can sign all the paperwork electronically.

Call and ask for Craig today (850) 389-2001