Want to be Smarter? How about Exercising More!

Want to be Smarter? How about Exercising More!

August 28, 2019

We all know that exercise reduces the odds of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, improves your mood, plus it increases your focus, but what about your brain? Does exercising make you smarter?

The University of British Columbia published a paper where researchers found that regular exercise that increases your heart rate and stimulates your sweat glands, appears to boost your ability to learn, retain information, and help with your verbal memory. How? Hormones released during exercising aids in the growth of new brain cells and blood vessels.

Now that we’ve gotten over all the medical mumbo-jumbo, let's dive in to what it takes to make you smarter!

The first step is the hardest…you must get started! Don’t procrastinate by saying you will get started Monday or you’re going to wait until after the holidays are over. You must stop the cycle of making excuses for not starting to exercise. A body in motion stays in motion, so get started TODAY.

I promise, within a month your mood will improve, your focus will improve, and most importantly…you will get smarter!

How much exercise is required to stimulate brain function? According to the study, anywhere from 120 minutes to 150 minutes per week but check with your doctor. That is a little over two hours per week. In our hectic world that sounds like a lot, but if you consider the benefits of boosting your brain function, two hours is an investment in your future.

I know a lot of people don’t have time to join a gym or they have to focus on family time after the workday, so consider buying a piece of equipment like a treadmill, rower, or an elliptical trainer. Plus, you don’t have to buy new! I researched the local area and found on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace tons of equipment for sale for under $200. If money is a barrier it is free to get outside and take a walk or run!

As an Employer what can I do?

The new year is approaching fast and as an employer I want a smarter, more focused team. My staff is the life blood of our agency and if they feel better our clients will have a better experience. If I can get them working to their full potential that saves me money by not having to hire additional staff. We’ve already taken some opening steps by equipping most of the office with standup desks…we’ve got two more to buy. These desks have now become more affordable with larger surface areas and are a great way to get your staff on their feet.

I’ve heard other companies reward employees for step-a-day goals. A goal of 7,000 steps per day and employees were given money for each day they hit their 7,000 steps.

Of course, there is the extreme measure of a gym at work, but most companies don’t have the financial resources or space to take on such an endeavor. As an alternative, some will pay for the gym membership cost up to a set amount.

I would love to know what you think, please leave comments and if you haven’t gotten started on your fitness goals there is no better day to start than now!