Top 10 Tractors and Trailers 2017

Top 10 Tractors and Trailers 2017

November 15, 2017

Barbee Jackson Insurance

The list below is made up of 10 different tractors and trailers that are considered some of the best in the field for certain types of trips and loads. This is an opinion piece so if you disagree with the choices feel free to email me at I always welcome a good debate. All of my choices below are based on feedback from years of insuring trucking clients. Here we go. We are going to start out with the tractors and we will then switch to trailers. We are just going to be listing the make and model of the winner of each category as the year really does not matter.

Category: Long Haul Tractor: Freightliner Columbia

The Freightliner Columbia is a large comfortable ride that has plenty of power for a long haul trip. This truck also offers a great sleeper package. This truck is ideal for long haul trucking.

Category: Short Haul Tractor: International 9200 Series

The International 9200 series can be purchased in a sleeper or non-sleeper. This is a very powerful truck with a proven track record. This truck could very easily qualify for the top spot in the long haul category as well but the majority of my clients use these reliable trucks for trips less than 500 miles. The trucks are powerful and maneuverable. This makes them great for short runs.

Category: Logging Tractor: Peterbilt 379

The Peterbilt 379 is one of the toughest trucks you will find in operation. I have seen clients that take these trucks in and out of the woods time and time again. They navigate over rough roads, tight turns, hills, mud, you name it. These trucks very rarely leave their owner stranded. As one of my clients put it “They simply get the job done.” I do have logging clients that driver other trucks but the Peterbilt 379 is by far the most preferred ride when it comes to logging.

Category: Dump Truck: Kenworth T880

The Kenworth T880 is a beautiful machine when it is just sitting at the job site. However, once it goes into action it shows very quickly that it is more than just good looks. This full size tri-axle dump truck can carry the heaviest loads around. You can often find them delivering loads to the latest bridge, or highway project. They are a very reliable powerhouse. Load after load they get the job done.

Category: Box Truck: International 4500

The International 4500 is a great truck for those short quick trips. This truck is reliable as well as compact. You can fit the box truck in many places that a tractor simply would not go. There are hundreds of box trucks out there but as far as my clients go this is the one that shows up time and time again.

Category: Dry Van Trailer: Great Dane

The Great Dane brand is a very trusted brand among the trucking community. There are no frills here. This is just a great trailer that stands the test of time.

Category: Reefer Trailer: Great Dane

I know we have already listed the Great Dane brand on this list but credit should be given where credit is due. Great Dane makes an incredibly reliable refrigerated trailer. Once again my clients have spoken.

Category: Flatbed Trailer: Freuhauf

Freuhauf is a fun brand name to say. That alone did not get it on this list. This trailer is known for it’s toughness and strength. Fruehauf makes some of the strongest flatbed trailers in the industry. The trailer comes equipped with excellent safety features and bells and whistles that makes tying down loads a breeze.

Category: End Dump Trailer: Palmer

Palmer makes some of the best end dump trailers on the market. They have a full aluminum model that not only provides a great look but it also lessens the weight. The hydraulics are second to none and the trailer is simply reliable.

Category: Car Hauling Trailer: Cottrell

A Cottrell 10 car hauler can cost upwards of $80,000 depending on the age of the trailer. That is just as much if not more than most trucks that pull them. Putting out that kind of money for a trailer is never taken lightly. My clients know that even if they have to finance the trailer the quality they are getting with a Cottrell is worth it. They know that they will be able to move more cars safely and swiftly with a Cottrell trailer. The reputation speaks for itself. They are simply the best.

Well there you have it. That is my top ten list based on the feedback from my clients. If you don’t agree please shoot me an email at I never get tired of discussing trucks. Thanks for reading.