Missing Coverage Could Save You Hundreds…Maybe Thousands!

Missing Coverage Could Save You Hundreds…Maybe Thousands!

April 23, 2018

Comp Time!

Hard to believe buying extra Auto Insurance coverage could actually save you money, but it is 100% true. For over 20 years I’ve worked in the insurance field and one coverage option over-and-over again has saved my clients money…Comprehensive Coverage aka Comp.

Comprehensive Coverage is the forgotten partner of Collision. When we think of an automobile accident we think of collision between two cars or another object. These types of accidents are covered under the Collision Coverage and are chargeable accidents if you are found at-fault for the accident.

But what about other types of accidents such as Theft, Fire, Vandalism, Falling Objects, Animal Hits, and Natural Disasters? And what happens if my windshield gets cracked?

Comprehensive is the coverage that provides protection for everything listed above, PLUS free Windshield Replacement with a ZERO deductible. What’s more, it generally costs less than $100 per year and there is NO Deductible on Windshields. Many carriers offer this coverage as a standalone option, so you can add it on to your liability coverage with or without collision.

But wait you said it can save me THOUSANDS, windshields don’t cost thousands!?!

Windshields don’t cost thousands, but what about Natural Disasters, such as hurricanes that produce high winds causing trees to uproot and hit your car, or the flooding that occurs as a result of these storms.

Let’s not forget about animal strikes! We’ve ALL driven down Highway 85 by Eglin mid-morning or late night and played the game…Count the Deer. Not all of these deer play by the rules and stay to the side of the road. Some want to play Frogger with oncoming traffic.

Both of these accidents would be covered under Comprehensive Coverage.

If your insurance company hasn’t offered you this valuable coverage, then maybe it is time to have someone that understands these valuable coverages give you a FREE Auto Insurance review.

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