Lower Your Hurricane Deductible

Lower Your Hurricane Deductible

April 17, 2018

Hurricane Season officially kicks off in June and now is the time to start reviewing your Homeowners Insurance, more specifically…Your Hurricane Deductible!

For years Florida Home Insurance Carriers had a standard 2% Hurricane Deductible, meaning your insurance carrier would not pick up the cost to a damaged home until you met your hurricane deductible. For example, if your home was insured at $200,000 your Hurricane Deductible would be $4,000 (200,000 times .02), so higher the home insurance value the higher the deductible.

Bob Dylan put it best “The Times They Are A Changin,” and they are changing for the best when it comes to Homeowners Insurance.

You can now buy Homeowners Insurance with Hurricane Deductibles options of $500 and $1,000. If you had a home insured at $200,000 and had the old hurricane deductible of 2% and sustained hurricane damage the insurance carrier would not pick up the cost to repair damage until you paid the first $4,000. With this new deductible option, you could pay as low as $500 for hurricane related damage. What’s even better is the lower hurricane deductible will only cost you a few extra dollars per month.

Don’t wait until after the storm passes to verify your Hurricane Deductible.

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