Florida's New Windshield Repair Law: What You Need to Know

Florida's New Windshield Repair Law: What You Need to Know

May 26, 2023

I'm Craig Barbee, CEO of Barbee Jackson Insurance, and I want to discuss an important piece of legislation recently signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida. This new law aims to tackle an issue that has been affecting both consumers and insurance companies alike... excessive windshield repair lawsuits. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind this legislation, its potential impact, and what it means for Floridians. We will also address a common concern - Does this new law eliminate free windshields? So, let's dive in and understand Florida's recent windshield repair legislation!

Understanding the Issue

Windshield repair lawsuits have become a growing concern in Florida over the past few years. Some individuals have exploited a law intended to protect consumers by filing fraudulent claims for unnecessary or nonexistent repairs. These fraudulent activities have led to increased costs for insurance companies, ultimately affecting premiums for all policyholders.

The Purpose of the Legislation

Recognizing the need to address this issue, Florida's bipartisan legislature crafted a bill aimed at reducing fraudulent windshield repair claims while preserving consumer rights to receive free windshields under comprehensive auto insurance policies. The legislation intends to protect both consumers and insurance companies from fraudulent practices.

Key Provisions of the Bill

  1. Restricting Solicitation: The new law prohibits individuals or companies from offering incentives to entice consumers to file windshield repair claims. This provision aims to discourage fraudulent practices and ensure that claims are based on genuine need.

  2. Certification Requirements: The legislation introduces stricter certification requirements for windshield repair technicians. This provision ensures that repairs are carried out by qualified professionals, reducing the likelihood of unnecessary or improper repairs.

  3. Consumer Protections: The law mandates that repair technicians must provide a written statement to consumers outlining the nature of the damage, the necessity for repair, and an itemized breakdown of the costs involved. This increased transparency allows consumers to make informed decisions regarding their repairs.

Free Windshields?

Despite concerns, it is important to note that the new legislation does not eliminate the provision of free windshields under comprehensive auto insurance policies. The law seeks to prevent fraudulent practices while preserving the rights of consumers to receive necessary repairs without incurring additional costs.


This new legislation has the potential to bring about several positive outcomes for Floridians. By cracking down on fraudulent claims, insurance companies may be able to lower costs, which could ultimately lead to more stable premiums for policyholders. Moreover, stricter certification requirements will enhance the quality of repairs, ensuring that consumers receive the necessary services to maintain their vehicle's safety and value.

What It Means for Floridians

As a Floridian, you can expect to see changes in the way windshield repair claims are handled. The new law aims to reduce the prevalence of fraudulent claims, protecting both your insurance premiums and the overall integrity of the system. By ensuring that repairs are conducted by certified professionals and increasing transparency, you can have greater confidence in the quality of service you receive.

Florida's recent windshield repair legislation addresses the growing issue of fraudulent claims while preserving the provision of free windshields under comprehensive auto insurance. By implementing restrictions on solicitation, introducing certification requirements for technicians, and enhancing consumer protections, this law strives to create a more transparent and fair system for all Floridians. 

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