5 Ways to Protect Pets This Winter

5 Ways to Protect Pets This Winter

December 01, 2020

Protect Your Pets

Living in the South doesn’t mean we don’t get the occasional cold snap. Protect your beloved pets by following these simple guidelines.

Keep Your Pets Inside

The belief that dogs and cats are resistant to the cold weather because they have fur coats simply isn’t true. No pet should be left outside in the freezing cold.

Provide Choices

Your pet needs space to find a comfortable place to sleep given their need for more or less warmth.


A warm vehicle engine maybe appealing to a stray cat, but it can be also deadly. Make sure you check beneath your car and honk the horn before starting the engine again to allow stray cats a chance to get away.

Dress Your Pet

If your dog has a short coat consider investing in a sweater for them. Amazon has hundreds of different options and most are under $20.

Speak Out

If you encounter a pet left outside in the cold politely let the owner know your concerns. Some people honestly don’t know that the cold weather has the chance to hurting their pet.

Having a pet is the owners’ responsibility. Please don’t let your pet stay out in the cold.