2018 Hurricane Preparation – Florida

2018 Hurricane Preparation – Florida

May 30, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend was a wakeup call that we need to take this, like every other hurricane season, seriously. We may not be able to control the weather, but we can control how prepared we are in the event of a storm making landfall.

Planning on Leaving?

Unlike earthquakes and tornadoes, we know days before the storm will affect our area, so if you are planning to leave the area, make plans early. First, book a room or stay with a friend that is outside of the storms’ projected path. Do not plan on driving somewhere and finding a room last second. Plan ahead by calling hotels in the area that you want to stay and get a reservation.

Plan on being on the road for an extended period of time. Hurricane Evacuation Routes can become congested quickly, so plan on packing some food and water for the trip.

Don’t forget to pack required items for your pets. They rely on you for their safety.


Making the decision to go or stay is up to you, depending on where your home is in Florida. If you decide to stay you are going to need to be prepared to be without power for several days or even weeks. The best resource is the Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist (linked below).


As always be safe…homes can be replaced, people cannot.

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