Florida Back-to-School Tax Holiday – 2019

back to school tax holiday

Yes, it’s that time of year again…Back-to-School Tax Holiday! First for the good news. Personal computers and certain computer-related accessories that are $1,000 or less are now Tax Exempt. That is a huge improvement over last year when Florida lawmakers failed to include personal computers in the exempt category.

The rest of the items are basically the same as 2018. Certain school supplies under $15 and clothing items under $60 are exempt.

Examples of Exempt Clothing and Accessories under $60

Accessories – Wallets, Handbags, belts, etc Diapers, diaper inserts (adult and baby, cloth or disposable) Hosiery and panty hose (including support hosiery)
Aerobic and fitness clothing Coin purses Martial arts attire
Aprons and clothing shields Costumes Overshoes and rubber shoes
Athletic supporters Coveralls Purses
Baby clothes Diaper bags Safety clothing
Backpacks and book bags Coats Shirts
Bandanas Dresses Shoes (including athletic)
Baseball cleats Formal clothing Socks
Bathing suits, caps, and cover-ups Uniforms (work, school, and athletic – excluding pads) Leggings, tights, and leg warmers
Belts Graduation caps and gowns Suits, slacks, and jackets
Bibs Gym suits and uniforms Swim suits and trunks
Bicycle helmets (youth) Hats and caps Ties (neckties and bow ties)
Blouses Hunting vests Sweatbands
Boots (except ski or fishing boots) Shoulder pads (e.g., dresses or jackets) Uniforms (work, school, and athletic – excluding pads)
Braces and supports worn to correct or alleviate a physical incapacity or injury* Sleepwear (nightgowns and pajamas)
Bras Jackets
Cleated and spiked shoes Jeans


Examples of Exempt School Supply Items

Binders Crayons Lunch boxes
Calculators Erasers Markers
Colored pencils Folders Notebooks
Compasses Glue (stick and liquid) Poster board
Composition books Highlighters Rulers
Construction paper Legal pads Scissors