Untimely Death of a “Star” Employee – Key Employee Life Insurance

Untimely Death of a Star Employee - Key Employee Life Insurance

Have you ever imagined what would happen if one of your key employees suddenly died? What would it take in time and money to replace this valuable individual?  Could this loss cost the business valuable clients or contacts during the transition time? Answering these questions and many more can haunt a business owner.  That’s why […]

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Workers’ Compensation and the 1099 MYTH

Workers' Compensation and the 1099 MYTH

At one time or another, almost every business owner will have to confront the decision of hiring employees.  The first step in deciding whether or not to grow the business would be the cost to hire an employee(s). This is where things often get complicated and the wrong decision can be very costly.  To learn […]

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Hotshot Insurance

Hot Shot Insurance

First off it is important to understand that hotshot trucking is a vital component in commercial trucking. The drivers are usually single vehicle, owner-operators, that work freelance for the freight industry.  They transport smaller loads and usually operate in a smaller radius than the class 8 long haul drivers.  Hotshot haulers transport items such as […]

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4 Tips for Alabama Semi Truck Insurance

Top 10 Tractors and Trailers 2017

Finding the Right Alabama Semi Truck Insurance Do you wonder if you are receiving the best price for your Alabama semi truck insurance? Is there a concern that if you had an accident you wouldn’t be covered? Are you a new owner/operator? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, it may be […]

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