Barbee Jackson Insurance is looking for the RIGHT individual to lead our Personal Lines Department. How do we define the RIGHT person? Use all the basic buzzwords

Then add things we DON’T like…


…we all have personal problems and we don’t need yours added to the mix


…complaining doesn’t fix the problem


…lazy time is designed for Government Holidays, Saturday and Sunday

A Nine-to-Fiver

…we work until the work is done

Excuses for EVERTHING

…we value answers, not excuses

Sick just to be Sick

…if you are calling off on a Monday because you had a hard weekend, we don’t want you

Bossy/Know it All

…we have no time for that attitude

Me First Personality

…team not me

Easily Offended

…this is a sales agency, get thicker skin!

What you get in return is a HIGHLY competitive salary with health benefits and flexible work hours. How do we offer flexible work hours AND competitive salary? Easy…we leave all the “things we DON’T like” at the door and just freaking work. And that work has led Barbee Jackson Insuranceto Top Sales Leader Awards through multiple insurance carriers.

This is NOT your average insurance agency and we aren’t looking for average insurance professionals. We only want the best and we are willing to pay for the best. So…if you’re ready to join a team that leaves drama at the door, send you resume to services@barbeejackson.com.

Don’t have an insurance license and still want to work for us? This problem is easily fixed…GET ONE!

List of available insurance schools